The Pact of Shadows

English translation of "El Pacto de las Sombras." In a world shrouded in darkness, David makes a sinister pact to gain the power to bring back the light. However, his noble heart contends with the malevolence of the wizard who bestows the power upon him. Trapped in a spiral of servitude, David seeks a way to free himself and redeem his soul. With…
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" I can't leave her, my fate is somehow connected to hers" Amy and Jack, their fate entwined by a dark past.
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Pendant of Time (Antics of Chaos series)

Histoire non vérifiée Kevin Valor a collage graduate who has always loved history. The medieval wars swords and axe's. He had always wanted to live in the Dark age's and now he wishes to turn back the hands of time but oh he can he just has to figure out how to use the pendant but That's gonna be difficult while stuck in the 13's and locked up in a dungeon for "Practic…
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The Rise of Darkness

For Kirsan and Nash everything begins with their Lord's warning. The pieces are on the game board and the players have surfaced. Who will move first? But most importantly, will they be mere pawns of the Plan created by the Founder, or will they be able to rewrite their own destinies? When they find Klaudia, they believe the balance has tilted in …
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Tales of naozomi and Izumi

Histoire non vérifiée What was supposed to be a normal day for Naozomi and Izumi turned out to be the day their fates were changed. While on her daily mission Naozomi stumbles off course and find something that will change her life forever. Izumi, an orphan girl roaming the streets as she usually does suddenly heard a calling and went dashing to the woods to find it…
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Dead to the World 3 - Immortals

Book three of Dead to the World saga
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The Curse Prince

Histoire non vérifiée The son of King Daniel and Queen Annabelle, Prince Edward, was cursed by a witch after his father rejected her. The curse transformed him into a monstrous creature, causing shame to his parents. They took him to an empty house where two servants cared for him. A kind witch named Chole informed the royal couple that the curse could be lifted if the…
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The Change. Louis A. Keeper

Histoire non vérifiée The story of a young man who was born different... At twelve years old he lost someone very important... His father who died helping him, but also died due to the magic of his own son... Six years later the boy decides to leave the past behind and move forward... With a tragic past he enters the kingdom of Ystir where his next blow from reality aw…
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Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun

In the world of Enchantyon, where creatures and peoples of magic and myth roam freely, an army of knights and paladins rush to stop a dangerous werewolf from ushering in a new outbreak of the insidious Wolfplague. But when the werewolf in question flees into the mysterious forest surrounding them, the hunt takes a dramatic turn. Led by a fierce an…
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Elderlore, Times of Rea (Book I)

Une partie de l’univers de Hearthlands of Elderlore In lands afar and of age unknown, an entire realm knows not of what malice approaches. What shall become of this world, the Hearthland, where various races have long settled and made their own. Will their bloodlines endure another age, or shall the walls and roads of their lands crumble into legend; or be forgotten and fade into myth.
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Guardians of Heavensworth

Histoire non vérifiée Aoki Matsumoto is a peculiar boy, an outcast both at school and out in the society. He lives a dull life according to his treatment until his life changes when he flies and his family history unfolds.
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Forgotten Princess

A little girl discovers she's more than she thought
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The Red Book of Magic

In Vanjer, a Land devastated by conflicts between Kingdoms, Empires, Countries and Houses, the Wizards takes on a war against the armies of the Dark Lord Ihrir. Arcanis, a young wizard, talented but avenger, decides to join the war, on a quest to find out the truth about his past and present; in the way, he will begin to discover terrible revelati…
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My Eyes Are Stars

Une partie de l’univers de Starry Eyes They were a pair of adventurers. Oscar, a swordsman looking for a teacher in magic, and Penelope, a woman with overbearing strength, looking to make a name for herself in the world. In a world of magic and legend, their story isn't all that uncommon, but theirs is just one look of many into a place where ordinary and extraordinary are one.
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The Plan

The Plan begins with a post-grad student discovering the 16th Century diary belonging to the Queen of the Kingdom, and how the discoverer and her roommate dissect it during one wine-soaked weekend. The narrative details our hero’s thoughts, and includes relative accurate descriptions of the local geography, history of that time, the weapons emplo…
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Sonora and the secret Of note

In the musical city of Melodia, where everyone possesses a musical gift, Sonora stands out as the only one without any musical talent. Enduring mockery and disdain, she aspires to create an exceptional melody for the Melodia High School competition. Her life takes a magical turn when she discovers a note, the "Key of G," unlocking an extraordinary…
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The Lays of Alentë - Summaries

Une partie de l’univers de Unir - The Lays of Alentë / Las Baladas de Alentë The Lays of Alentë, or Alententa, is how is called the set of stories that occur in the worlds of the Alentë Nebula, in Unir. These summaries are very short but contain spoilers. However, I do not consider that they should be viewed as spoilers, as the story is intended to be read as a mythology.
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Buy Verified Stripe Account

Histoire non vérifiée Buy Verified Stripe Account If you want to more information just contact now. 24 Hours Reply/Contact ➤Email: [email protected] ➤Skype: SmmServiceIT ➤Telegram: @SmmServicesIT ➤WhatsApp: +1 (985) 287-7864
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Histoire de blog

Tainted in Red

Ishwar Hegadi once thought everything in life was predetermined; that if he struggled against fate, things would only take a bad turn. So he set aside everything he wanted to become the model Prince of Haglendi Kingdom his father wanted him to be. Who would have known that things would suddenly fall into chaos and that he would have to fight again…
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Fading Magic Chronicles

In the heart of the Enchanted Forest, where moonlight weaves through ancient trees and fairies dance on the delicate balance of magic, a looming mystery threatens to plunge their world into darkness. As the mystical Heartstone fades, alliances fracture, and secrets surface, the fairies embark on a quest to save their realm. In a tale woven with in…
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Une partie de l’univers de My Fictional Stories Histoire non vérifiée Electra tells an electric tale of a young girl named April. After encountering a strange rainstorm in a terribly realistic dream, April wakes up to new changes around herself. She is suddenly transformed and has electrifying power beyond her, that causes disasters around her when out of control. Although it gets her to places others could neve…
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Fairies of the Wonder Island

Histoire non vérifiée This story is based on four fairies in the Wonder Island who shows heroic bravery by protecting its Island from the destruction and saves the Island and the world
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Stolen by the Alpha Wolf

Rose thought love was supposed to be a haven where one lets go of his/her inhibition and is accepted for who they are. She thought love was sweet and nice and full of passion. She thought love was about sacrifices and giving your all for the peace and comfort of the other person. So she didn't understand what she did wrong, where she went wrong, …
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The Enfranchisement

Une partie de l’univers de Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism Synopsis: This little novel is an example of a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of the adventure is psychological. The story is told in two acts in an autobiographical tone so that the reader identifies with the hero and immerses himself in the middle of the events. The syntax used is very easy, and the language regi…
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Enchantyon: Welcome Home

Following the events of the story, "Enchantyon: Knight of the Holy Faun", both Lalauri Imafenduwell and Keridwen of Khar Vell began making their way back through the Greater Wilderness to the realm that Lalauri called home: the Free Border Dominion known as, Aureate: The Gilded State. Several hundred lifetimes ago, there was a phrase that history …
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Klara and the lost kineras

Histoire non vérifiée After her dreams of being a warrior princess has been crushed,she tries to settle as a normal princess, but turning 16 she is forced into a traditional future marriage which she doesn't want. She escapes the palace,but the outside world is no place for a princess, discovering she has great potential, Klara uses it to survive and at the same time d…
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Wanted by the Vampires (Book 2)

This human thought she found the perfect job. All her bills paid, a salary, and dental to boot! Not to forget that her bosses were literally to die for. Piper quickly learned that not everything in the House of Durand was as it seemed and some things should have been kept hidden. Now thrust into the world of vampires, Piper must navigate the bloo…
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The Blank Book – The Almsman (Free sample)

Three centuries ago, the entire world was forced to live under the rules of a phenomenon of nature, as wondrous as it was ruthless. To commemorate such an event, a new calendar was established, allowing people the opportunity to remember which stones they should never stumble upon again. Farg, a young beggar who surrendered to life when caught in…
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