Sweet treats

Histoire non vérifiée Shinsou Hitoshi owns a small pastry shop at the end of town, cake n coffee, which is at the end of the town, so. It's pretty far from big businesses, schools and other things. So He doesn't get many costumers. But, that's fine with Him. He doesn't care for the people who walk in, or for the people who walk out. That changes when a slightly taller,…
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School Is Out

After Vecna, a strange plague falls upon the town of Hawkins, causing people to turn into walking corpses. Fortunately, even after losing contact with his friends, Eddie Munson creates a safe-haven at Hawkins High School for the new strange things happening in Hawkins for everyone he rescues. It wasn't long before he finds out that someone he has …
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As I Am

Marlena Dianesis Manson is a free spirited, go lucky 27-year-old young woman who always tries to see the good in everyone. While she's busy encouraging everyone else around her, no one sees the insecurities she has within herself. She flies to London to an Expo. Her friend surprised her with tickets to meeting with some of her favorite celebs and …
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Labyrinth Of His Heart

Sometimes the way people act can be misleading and cause a misunderstanding of that person’s real personality. Elora Felch saw right through Draco Malfoy’s hard shell the moment they first met. Elora is a transfer student from Ilvermorny from North America. Although she befriended Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, she is drawn to D…
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A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy

Title: A Mafia Family Versus The Innocent Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Gang World of Mafia Summary: In a business world of Mafia. They were called "A Ruthless Empire of BTS" aka "Barter Trade Soul" If you ever encounter the BTS in the street be sure to run off to the opposite side as fast as you can. Because if you ever have a business wi…
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Hello To The Next Door

Two people, opposite personalities and lifestyles, collide. Billy Hargrove was well known around the small town of Hawkins. And not positively. Billy would always get into trouble with not only the police, but some of the town's locals. No matter how many times his family tried getting him to change, Billy rebelled more. Inconsolably, his bad dan…
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Ikemen Series One Shots

Histoire non vérifiée A series of one shots from different Ikemen games, all OCs used are mine, but the characters are from the games aren't these are just for fun. Enjoy the one shots!
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Kikyō and the Guardian: The Final Chapter of Light

Histoire non vérifiée Ten years have passed since the guardian of light eliminated the order and used the black ring of destiny to revive all those who died in the last war and erase their memories of all the events. Now a new evil is threatening to destroy the village unless the priestess Kikyo and the old Zangetsu bring Issac to stop this enemy.
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Dania - Princess d'Aragow.

Histoire non vérifiée Dania est une jeune femme de 19 ans qui vit avec son père David depuis la mort de sa mère quand elle avait 7 ans, elle est une jeune fille heureuse et pleine de vie, elle aime rendre les autres heureux, mais un jour elle fera une rencontre qui changera sa vie.
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~🍜His Bodyguard🍅~

Histoire non vérifiée A blonde boy with no sense of seriousness gets beat up by his own classmates and made a fool of, meets a raven headed boy, who's popular and calm. Surprisingly his old friend? And to be his own personal bodyguard, will Naruto take this to a advantage or try to avoid the help of the young Uchiha despite his feelings?
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The Adventures of Captain Jack Sparrow

Une partie de l’univers de The World of Pirates This is a parody. A parallel story to Pirates of the Caribbean. The story of Jack in his spare time with friends and family. It is an ironic look at his private life, where he hangs up his boots and stops being a pirate captain to be a son, nephew, friend, and enemy of many. He always fled from the persecution of his enemies and British soldiers, …
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The Saiyan Heritage and the Loneliness of the Warrior

Histoire non vérifiée Lettie never understood why she felt different from other women. Why did she love fighting and training? Why could she feel the strength of the people around her? And, above all, what was the point of it all? What was she fighting for? Her life changes completely when she is kidnapped, discovers that she has two older brothers called Goku and Rad…
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Histoire non vérifiée After the tragic events in "Penumbra," Gonzalo finds himself immersed in a dark journey through the world, battling against his own nature and seeking answers to the meaning of his existence. In his tireless quest for revenge, he plunges into an underground underworld of criminals and secrets, where he must make difficult decisions that will defin…
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An Immortal's Diary

Histoire non vérifiée Anastasia is a vampire that has lived hundred years as a free spirited nomad, until she finds herself forced to stay with a couple of vegetarian vampires, due to life changing events that shaken her nomadic coven and traditional vampire lifestyle. Isolated in the south of the African continent and far from her zone of comfort, she feels forced to …
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13th Doctor x reader

Histoire non vérifiée The reader has some struggles and she suffers from depression, anxiety, SH and really negative thoughts. Everything seems hopeless for her since she has lost everything. The Doctor comes to rescue her in time and she decides to try and help her recover. The reader has the ability to see auras and sense emotions since she is an empath. Yaz the Doct…
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Histoire non vérifiée In this story jungkook is the victim of abuse and theft .his talent of being able to sing is taken and given to his older brother.thdy lip sync with jk's voice while his older brother gets famous jk is treated like a slave
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Lady Gabriela - A Bridgerton Story

Histoire non vérifiée Not every Diamond of the first water has a happy ending… Meet Gabriela Santos Danbury, the daughter in law of Lady Agatha Danbury. She has been invited to London to stay with Agatha following the despicable actions of her eldest son Dominic. He fathered 3 bastard children with 3 different women and insisted on divorcing Gabriela due to her…
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Yuafen ⟪Taekook⟫

Histoire non vérifiée ☽︎Continuación de Forelsket -No quiero que me toques, que me mires, que me hables o que siquiera intentes acercarte. Te odio y no te quiero cerca mío, Taehyung. ␥ Datos ¡! º Contenido homosexual º Diversos tipos de 4bu50 º1nc35t0 º Apego inseguro ºViolencia explícita ºMaltrato psicológico
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Cupid The Babysitter

Histoire non vérifiée Skye and Nina develop feelings for one another in this short-but sweet “ Nina’s World” slash fanfiction.
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The lover orchid {Ran x oc}

Histoire non vérifiée Ran x oc ⚠️attention⚠️ Lemon🍋 Insultes⚠️ Harcèlement‼️ Depression et tout ce qui vas avec🔪 Drogue, tabac ect🚭 Violence🏴‍☠️ Sexualité🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️(je prefere prevenir..)
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Downhole Equipment Market Focus on Opportunities, Development Strategy, Future Plans, and Trends by Forecast 2030

Histoire non vérifiée The market research study titled “Downhole Equipment Market Share, Trends, and Outlook | 2030,” guides organizations on market economics by identifying current Downhole Equipment market size, total market share, and revenue potential. This further includes projections on future market size and share in the estimated period. The company needs to co…
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Histoire de blog

Certs Questions

Histoire non vérifiée Get Certs Exam Questions
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Histoire de blog


Histoire non vérifiée Follow Wolverine on his journey through the emeralds that were part of his life and the one he will allow himself to make, when he discovers how much he wants this.
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Le roi et sa reine

Histoire non vérifiée Inosuke vient d’arriver dans un monde étrange. Le collège.
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La Lune (🌑) et Le Soleil (☀️) 🌹❤️

Histoire non vérifiée ❤️PERSONNAGES ❤️( royaume Soleil ) Sun : prince du Soleil ✨☀️ Kalyne :Reine du Soleil ☀️ ✨ Solaris :roi du Soleil ☀️ ✨ ❤️PERSONNAGES ❤️(royaume Lune ) Lunaris : prince de la Lune🌑🤍 Luna :Reine de La Lune 🤍🌑 🌹✨A CRÉÉ ✨🌹 règles: définir le caractère L’âge (pas plus de 30 ans ) Dans le thème Apparance Royaume Humain ou elfes ou Prince/reine/prin…
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Mon Minho à moi !

Histoire non vérifiée Jisung adore Minho, il est obsédé par celui-ci. Vous voulez découvrir les aventures de Jisung n’esiter pas à venir lire mon histoire
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Histoire non vérifiée Taehyung est un jeune garçon qui vient d'entrer dans un groupe de kpop nommer BTS Il a un meilleur ami appelé jungkook Seulement il va commencer à ressentir plus que de l'amitié pour jungkook... Les chapitres c'est une fois sur deux, ça alterne tae et kookie
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My Looney Middle 1# (Inkspired Edition)

Histoire non vérifiée Newcomer Daffy Duck is destined to get fame and bring his slutty-ass self to an education after his brother kicked him out of the house, now he's with a sorority boy, and a fucking pig. Destined to be someone in a school for whores, who else is here? None other than (goddammit *sighs*) bugs bunny!
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