The New Girl

Histoire non vérifiée The Hannah Chronicles Part 1. In the sun-kissed landscape of Florida, amidst the tranquility of Wewahitchka, resides the captivating Hannah Tingle, a luminous 17-year-old whose radiance belies her inner strength. Her journey begins with a leap of faith as she relocates from the quaint charm of Pennsylvania to the vibrant allure of the Sunshine St…
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Date Night - Alter Story

David's girlfriend, Allice has a couple of days off and invites him for a night out. What she has planned may be mundane, but with a memorable twist. This is the whole night as it happened with very few details left out.
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Just His Challenge

Histoire non vérifiée Gwen Lockwood was stuck in a toxic relationship not only lacking love, but also pleasure. She was constantly put down by her immature boyfriend for her low sex drive and her profession as a makeup artist. What would happen if you added an award-winning eye candy actor into the mix? As age brings experience, Vincent Oherrin knew all about how to pl…
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Broken Bones Broken Spirit

Histoire non vérifiée Adira White escaped the torture she had endured for the past four years, inflicted by the Beckett Pack. As she ran for her life, she meets two new men. Terrified and wounded, she passes out. The men carry her back to their pack house. But little did anyone know, Adira was brought to the pack house that was led by her mate. Alpha Silas Verlice, is …
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The Lone Wolf With The Alpha

Histoire non vérifiée "Uhuu..." She flinched and closed her legs, and even that excited him. To praise her for her cute groan, he took her legs and opened them back up. She was already wet. Her pale petals were closed. A clear drop of fluid dripped from her crevice onto the sheets. How did it feel inside? He opened her entrance with his finger. Her swollen clitoris …
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Crimson Embrace

Histoire non vérifiée What will he do to me after seeing him murder someone in cold blood
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Histoire non vérifiée I need you, to taste you, to feel you wrapped around me.
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Queen of Heaven

Histoire non vérifiée Language: English Book Title: Queen of Heaven Author: Ramón H. Guiardinú Type: Light novel First edition: December 2023 Publisher: Editorial Lafirma Copyright © 2023 Ramón H. Guiardinú All rights reserved. Under the sanctions established in the legal system, the total or partial reproduction of this work by any means or procedure, including repr…
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Foudroie moi si tu peux

Histoire non vérifiée Tu es mien peut importe ce que tu feras et ou tu ira tu sera mon jouet
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Stray Kids BxB One-Shots

Histoire non vérifiée Some BXB One-Shots for the boy band Stray Kids. Member-x-Member only unless specific request (and no promises). No rules.
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Sustainable Custom Logo Gifts: Eco-Friendly Tech Items and Plushies

Histoire non vérifiée In the quest for sustainability, recycled materials play a pivotal role in reducing waste and conserving resources. Tech accessories crafted from recycled plastics, metals, or glass offer a second life to materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Whether it's a phone case made from recycled ocean plastic or headphones crafted from reclai…
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Histoire non vérifiée Delving into the complex world of a playboy by the name of Joannicus Lionel who seemingly had it all - popularity, charm, and a string of relationships with half of the school's female population. However, as the account unfolds, beneath his suave exterior lies a boy who has never truly experienced genuine emotions for any of his foregoing conques…
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Ride Or Die: II Book 1 Of The Devils Jesters

Histoire non vérifiée April Evans-Scott is the younger sister of Tristian Scott, a respected member of the Devil Jesters motorcycle club, led by the charismatic and enigmatic Luca Gustavo Despite being associated with the rough and tough biker world, April is a gentle soul who finds solace and escape in the club's rowdy environment by immersing herself in books. She is…
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Darkest Temptations

Histoire non vérifiée Vampire, wearwolf love triangle
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Pureté Noirci

Histoire non vérifiée Plongez dans un monde humanoïdes, encadré par le paradis, l'enfer et le néant. Découvrez Cheonsa Nyeon, une des femmes anges de dieux. Charger de sauver des âmes et Yogwi Kim, un démon sous les ordres du diable. Ils doivent ce faire face, sans jamais éprouver de sentiments amoureux, sexuelle ou amicales, au risques d'être bani dans le né…
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The Mafia's Captive Angel

"P... please, don't do this" I muttered up the courage to speak this words. My voice pleading and my eyes desperate to get to him. " I can't wait any longer. You don't know how bad I want you, even your tears turns me on" His face came closer to me. I could feel his warmth breath on my face, his words send chill down my body. ☆☆☆ When a dang…
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Shadowed Souls

Histoire non vérifiée In the shadowed alleys of a city cloaked in mystery, where whispers carry more weight than words, two souls collide in a dance of forbidden desire. Amidst the haunting echoes of their pasts and the allure of an uncertain future, their hearts entwine in a tumultuous embrace, bound by secrets too dangerous to reveal and passions too intense to ignor…
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Moonlit Desires

Histoire non vérifiée Erotic and a romantic novel
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C'est juste pour une nuit

Histoire non vérifiée Il parti sans un regard en arrière... Jules 18ans jeune adulte en galère dans sa vie aussi bien amoureuse qu'étudiante. Sa colocataire froide et distante va t'elle réussir à le faire sortir du mutisme dans lequel il est rentré lors de sa première nuit de folie... N'oubliez pas de commenter ça m'aide vraiment !!! >< 🙏
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German classes

A story about a single mature woman getting very special 'German classes' by a kinky and dominant German teacher. The story contains some German sentences and parts - most with translations, due to the subject, but it is still easily readable for those who do not speak German. There are some humorous aspects, hopefully these don't reduce the excit…
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Death By Cumming

Ama Palmer decided to find greener pasture outside Nigeria, she had been a 'small girl, big god' red-light escort in Nigeria since her first year in the university. She had walked the res-lighy District and had earned next to nothing in the new country, and just when she was about to give up, a seemingly nice offer surfaced. But what she didn't k…
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Transforming Packaging Practices

Histoire non vérifiée In the dynamic world of food packaging, where presentation and functionality go hand in hand, custom food packaging boxes are revolutionizing the industry.
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La reine de l'Inde

Histoire non vérifiée Mirabelle a été forcé d'épouser le roi de l'Inde pour sauvé son royaume. Découvrez qu'entre passion et amour, il n'ya qu'un pas.
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Don’t Tell Nobody

🚨Based on a true story. Some parts have been fabricated and dramatized for fictional purposes. All characters in this book are over the age 21. Read at your own risk. This book is not for children, or people under 21 years of age. 🚨 ⚠️Warning, this book contains ⚠️ -Vulgar Language -Sex Scenes Description: Rain Simmons has an itch she can’t …
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La Secrétaire personnel du mania des affaires

Histoire non vérifiée C'est l'histoire d'une jeune fille qui a tout sacrifier pour prendre soin de sa mère malade. Sa vie n'était que solitude et de responsabilité jusqu'au jour, elle fait la connaissance de son patron. Sa vie simplice est devenu tout un autre avec cette rencontre. Jessica va découvrir l'amour, la passion , le désir et l'obsession entre les mains de…
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Un amour interdit

Histoire non vérifiée Liam et Léna sont des frère et sœur au yeux du monde entier mais il partage un secret inavouables:Ils sont fous amoureux de l'un et l'autre. Découvrez histoire interdit de Liam et Léna et comment leurs amour pourriez tranchander l'impossible.
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My Step Brother

This book is explicit and shouldn’t be read if you are easily bothered and/or offended. This is a short, erotica book that will be split into ten chapters or less. This is for adults only. ⚠️ Warning ⚠️ -Cursing -Dirty Talk -Vulgar Words -Cheating -Betrayal -Mild Violence Description: June put forth major effort into being a good wife to…
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Descents into darkness

Histoire non vérifiée In the bustling city of Tehran, Rahim Shaikh, the cold-hearted and ruthless second son of Abbas Shaikh, finds himself pressured into marriage by his scheming stepmother. Aware of her motives, Rahim seeks his friends' counsel, who advise him to find a vulnerable orphan girl who can be easily manipulated. Embracing this plan, Rahim sets out to f…
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