Forbidden Flames

Sometimes, it's not about being in love. For some it's just because they can. For some it's just for fun. And for some, it's to get ahead. Once they had a taste, they couldn't just leave it at that. They had to go back for more. Despite the risks, the same students and teachers are getting caught up in forbidden moments once again. *** Forbid…
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Edith is an eighteen year old virgin going to a new college where she meets Matt, one of the hottest guys there. All the girls fawn over him. But he starts showing interest in her. His girlfriend starts threatening Edith and making her life a living hell.
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Smoking fetish oneshots

Here I'll share smoking fetish oneshot stories that I've sometimes in my mind... hope enjoy it...
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Your lips

Two dreams, written into one. I dream about my starlight alot, some of them are like this. Hope you enjoy it. Maybe I will write more.
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This story is about a couple from California who’s tired of living life in the fast lane. But, when they relocate to Orlando Florida, their lives spiral out of control.
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Claimed by the Mafia (Claimed by the Mafia #1)

I never should've been there, but I was. I wasn't supposed to see anything, but I saw everything. I didn't mean to get caught, but you caught me. Now, you make my life a living hell. WARNING : This book contains very disturbing situations, explicit sexual themes, dubious content, violence and strong language.
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Another sexy dream
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The Mafia's Captive Angel

"P... please, don't do this" I muttered up the courage to speak this words. My voice pleading and my eyes desperate to get to him. " I can't wait any longer. You don't know how bad I want you, even your tears turns me on" His face came closer to me. I could feel his warmth breath on my face, his words send chill down my body. ☆☆☆ When a dang…
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Incest Roulette 18+

A silly idea with serious consequences.
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Our Fucking Cabin 18+

Sexy Adventure at my Cabin
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The Camp Slut

A girl walked into his camp, cuffed and naked. What is a guy to do?
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Emily shine a 17 years old girl loses her mother in a tragic accident and being left alone as an orphan. her older brother sends her to a new school and making her face reality on her own. she doesn't want to be there but little did she know it's a BDSM school... how will she take it? will she be able to let out the submissive side of her? …
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Heather and Jerry were always close growing up. It was not until they were adults that they realized how strong their attraction actually was and finally acted upon it. Read more, know more🤍✨❤️
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Clare wants her step-dad, but how to get him? Read more and find out 🤍✨❤️
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Take My Breath Away

She is radient, takes my breath away. She is looking at me with a seductive innocence. I cannot resist.
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When Girls Like Boys

Aria has only had one relationship. She’s Avoidant of getting involved in another relationship. However, one night she runs into her old teacher from high school. The two have sex and begin a relationship that’s forbidden and leaves her wanting more.
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Cruel Pleasure (B1)

Cruel Pleasures (Dark Pleasures Book 1) Two Lovers broken apart by a cruel event and Maybell is responsible for a heinous act. She is responsible, and so she deserves to be punished. She deserves everything that he does to her. Doesn't she? The other lover is a powerful dangerous man. Isiah Lee. And he wants to get revenge. He wants to stop the …
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The Kiss of Rejection

A stranger in the club pulls me closer. A little too convinced of himself, a little too confident. This guy is obviously on the hunt. And I am easy prey. Or am I?
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Governor's Possession (Savage Men Series)

Jane and her friends were quietly working on their project at school when she suddenly heard a scream. Curious, she glanced out the window and saw a group of unknown men attacking a man. The next day, she met Rodrigo Navarro, the most powerful person in their area. The person who would change her peaceful life. How long could she hide from the yo…
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𝐒𝐢𝐧𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐓𝐡𝐨𝐮𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬

A Collection Of Sinful Stories Written By Me. This Book Contains Mature Language And Sexual Themes Suited For Ages 18 And Up!
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Sebastian Knight

Sebastian Knight was every girls dream man, he was handsome, possessive and tattooed but there was more about him that made men cower when they saw him. His hazelnut eyes sparked with fear and fury, no one dared messing with him, even his enemies regret it later. Liliana Torres has always been in her siblings shadow, she was often compared to the…
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The Mafia Don'S Kitten

Nova Green, a young woman, has grappled with social anxiety throughout her entire life. Always preferring the safety of the sidelines, Nova is content in her reclusive existence. However, her unassuming world takes an unexpected turn when her friends insist on dragging her to a boxing match at a renowned club in the heart of the city. Angelo, a p…
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I'm the star Quarterback for the Chicago Wolves. I get what I want, when I want it. I never have to ask twice, and I certainly have never had to beg. But then Phoenix Quinn stumbles into my life like a hurricane on heels, and I will do whatever I have to do to have her. I will beg for her. Get down on my knees for her. But Phoenix has put up a def…
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You're my addiction. 18+

Iam Ricardi and Dante De Luca were the best of friends. They both had something in common, neither of them wanted a romance, much less tie themselves to a woman. And they thought that money could buy everything from her, including her. Paula will appear on her path to involve them both in a game of seduction and madness. Making them rethink about …
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On The Receiving End: The Tale Of Rana Snivelak

Une partie de l’univers de The SARTAM Universe His reign of terror against women comes to an end as Ron is forced to transition from a male Cinthyan body into a female one after brutally torturing Corusso's most popular sexworker, 'M'. Now known as Rana, he has no choice but to live this other side of life as the sex he had treated like trash, with an ironic twist of Karma finding its way into…
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Zade; Call me Toxic

DARKNESS SERIES - New World Book 1 A Parker and Johnson mix. It's been three years since I saw him. But, I'm nineteen now. I'm no longer that little kid with a crush. We grew up together even living in two different countries, but that didn't stop anything. Especially how I felt.. even when I'd come back home, still living in my memories of h…
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When you grow up in Kinglsey your only goal is to get out.. leave as quickly as you can. No matter how. But I have my bestfriends. It's always been us three. But when feelings come to light will they all be able to handle the situation. If one falls will they all? Or maybe someone better will come along? MxFxM MxF Trigger Warning ⚠️ Mature Co…
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Horny Honey

In a world where being sexual was simply rolling around on the bed and doing the simple acts of pleasure, Fiona was not a fan of such places. She knew she wanted more than what her fiancée was offering her but she was brought up in a certain way where culture depicted rules that were to be followed strictly. Fiona's toys laid in her little box b…
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