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Histoire non vérifiée [TRANSLATION / ADAPTATION.] 🍵 : ❝Growing up, TaeHyung was lonely, bullied and misunderstood. JiMin was the scared and messed up kid next door.❞ [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤOriginal book by Daryl Banner (Dog Tags). [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤProlongation: Synopsis + Eleven Chapters. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤ❪ MinV ❫ JiMin Top ¡! TaeHyung Bottom. [ 🍵 ]ㅤ•ㅤCover is not mine. Credits to the creator/owner o…
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Histoire non vérifiée Richard is a drummer staying in a hotel but he starts to experience odd things while staying there he's not alone his spouse who's also in the music business experiences the same things
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