The Two-Headed Dragon

A GTP-generated story about a duel between a mage knight and a two-headed dragon
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After receiving a cursed object, Dante's life is changed... FOREVER!!!.
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Death of a Guardian

Une partie de l’univers de Amber Kingdom In the first book of my new world, we enter The Amber Kingdom, where there is a mad King who created the Kingdom Decency Laws that outlaw all LGBTQ persons. The people are labeled as Indecents and cast away from society to either Kara Wyspa (Punishment Island) or to the border with Iseron to fight day and night against the Kingdoms enemies. Emryk …
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Rosa Stanley - your completely average girl. But when she starts to unravel both her past and others, she finds truths that could shake the foundations of her world. And what of Adrian Moonscarr, the boy with more than a few secrets in his past? Will he prove to be a friend, or an increasingly dangerous enemy? Join Rosa and Adrian as they seek t…
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Poseidon: Fallen God - Character Illustrations and Quotes

It contains my own drawings of the characters in the novel Poseidon: Fallen God, which I am writing, and quotes of the characters.
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Bound by Forbidden Skies

In a realm where light and darkness collide, "Bound by Forbidden Skies'' The Angel and the Demon" weaves an intricate tapestry of love that defies the boundaries of the celestial world.
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The Place Where I Belong

Title: The Place Where I Belong Author: mischa143kelvin Series: Travel Through Time Summary: What would you do? When you found out that apparently, you are living in a two different worlds and two different lives at the same time? What will be your choice if you have been given a chance to choose between those two worlds? Would it be the past …
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Lotus - Character Illustrations and Quotes

It contains my own drawings of the characters in the novel Lotus: Mission of the Mansion, which I am writing, and quotes of the characters.
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Lotus | Mission of the Mansion

Lotus Island, a captivating blend of forgotten legends and mysterious kingdoms, is the ancient heart of a once mighty empire, now under the enigmatic rule of the Council, a clandestine organization. Within its borders, six realms flourish under their watchful gaze. Nestled amidst this enigmatic landscape lies the Mansion, a sanctuary where the for…
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Poseidon - Fallen God

Poseidon. He was the god of earthquakes and oceans. Until that day. Mount Olympus was shaken by a cunning uprising, orchestrated to overthrow Zeus from his throne. All blame fell upon Poseidon, Zeus's brother, whose power was a match for the mighty king of the gods. His punishment was swift and severe. The Olympian gods witnessed him fall from the…
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Sunstone: First of the Rueman Hearts

Brenaia; one of the last two remaining land masses that emerged from the ocean when the Era of the Cristel Hearts began. Rashkin; a bloodline that ruled over Rueman for thousands of years as they sat on the Sunstone Throne of Ruel. Found themselves deposed as the regecide saw them fall one by one on the blades of the Frége supporters. Rueman; the …
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CHECK OUT THE PODCAST WHERE WE READ STORIES LIKE THIS. (If the link does not work then just search in Spotify “Reading Absurd Stories” and then it should pop up with a brown cover.) A regular family living on a lake house ate born again Christian’s and one day two f…
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Vision II Version One

CHECK OUT THE PODCAST WHERE WE READ STORIES LIKE THIS. (If the link does not work then just search in Spotify “Reading Absurd Stories” and then it should pop up with a brown cover.) THIS IS A DIFFERENT VERSION OF PART TWO OF THE FIRST BOOK! DO NOT READ THIS BOOK UNLE…
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Inclus dans: Your Solace. ($3/mois)

Against The Last Murder

Who is the villain and who is the savior? Who wants to be saved? What matters is revenge. Check out these siblings. Harken loves sports, his family and his friends, like every teenage boy. Once he is led to his family secrets, he faces the murderer who has always been there to get done with last of his obstacles.
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Save The Boy

Title: Save The Boy Author: mischa143kelvin Series: A Whole New World Summary: In a world where magical realms and mystical creatures exist, we meet the young and spirited protagonist, Daniela, a girl with a deep connection to nature and an insatiable curiosity. One fateful day, while exploring the outskirts of her village, Daniela stumbles upon…
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Welcome to Heathergate - where the streets have no name

Logbook stories, passionate love, new worlds and dimensions unraveled in a logbook where beautiful scenery and trustworthy shitty characters put to test their struggles through every adventure, and prove themselves everything is possible
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The Enfranchisement

Une partie de l’univers de Telepathic World of Witchcraft and Mentalism Synopsis: This little novel is an example of a fiction that develops from a fantasy to a science fiction. Much of the adventure is psychological. The story is told in two acts in an autobiographical tone so that the reader identifies with the hero and immerses himself in the middle of the events. The syntax used is very easy, and the language regi…
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Valiant Phantasm

A brave boy who just wanted to live a simple life and a stubborn girl who didn’t know what to do with her own. Intertwined fates, as the silver-eyed one and calamity approach.
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Clan Game

Werewolves, witches, fae, and hunters have been united in clans since ancient times in order to survive. Their lives often overlap, giving rise to conflicts. Within the walls of School 3, there are more than just humans. And they have no idea what game the clans are playing in secret.
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The Mighty Antimagic Spell

Who would expect a story titled ANTIMAGIC to be about wizards, mystical creatures and fantastic, unusual adventures? Yet, it really is ... It's even more than that. You'll see if you read the story, that there is, beside all this, a spell, mightier than the strongest spells ever, even than Abracadabra. Yes, ANTIMAGIC is the most powerful magic …
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Hitomu and the Mountain of Secrets

As a young child Hitomu Fujiki wasn't like any ordinary child... he was rather quite odd. At a young age his parent passed away, his mother's friend; Ms. Sakurai took care of him. A few years had gone by and Ms. Sakurai passed away. Before she did, her last words to Hito were "At the age of 16, you shall live on the house in the mountains." Now 15…
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The Four Wheel Saga

In the continent of Kinenhi, ravaged by past conflict and war, an age of peace and harmony has endured for years. Trade and commerce are flourishing among the six village nations. In the warrior village- Karasuma, the Legacy Trials are about to begin, which tests the mettle of the young and uninitiated. A host of budding warriors train to contend …
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Royal Blood

Anaya, once promised a throne and then disappointed with a husband, Rualyn. The two find themselves in an alliance, one finding purpose in revenge and the other finding home in love. As they begin their life together, the Fae and Wizards kill, throwing their kingdom into chaos. Anaya must chose, which she loves more, her husband or revenge on thos…
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The Adventures of Mia Walker

A girl wakes up in a forest but doesn't know how she got there.
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Sovran of the White Dragon

Velda Olwen... a newly grown girl whose other part of her soul was snatched from her twin as a baby. A Nem. Queen Olwen separated Velda from her real family and country and, by agreement, dragged her to Salta, the country where she ruled. But unlike everything else, Velda is living a happy life here. With a letter from her birthday and a gift …
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Kodesh: The Last Demon

The Battle of Yuansas lasted for 30 long years-- longer than any battle that had ever been fought in the Realm of Magic. At its close, The Demon Clan was completely wiped off and their kingdom was occupied by the Azures-- the descendants of an elite clan of sorcerers. Five centuries later... Ella was a purple eyed, purple haired girl of sixteen …
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Kingdoms: The Silver Tree.

Fugaz, a young inexperienced witch who undertakes a journey to the kingdom of Zantenia, with the purpose of a life without discrimination for what she is, strikes up a beautiful friendship with Antho, the young king who predicted her arrival through his paintings. Fugaz thought that there she would be safe from the criticism and hatred that a wit…
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Zaddy Adrian

What does the word daddy stand for? Well the word alone is just an innocent one. When I think of the word daddy, I think about the three P's. Protector. Provider. Parent . But a strange thing happens when you change the 'd', to a 'z', creating the word zaddy. The once innocent word is now gone, and replaced with a much more vulgar and raunchy wo…
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