The Ladykiller Continuation two

Lisa Village's life became darker when her relationship with Jacob turned into something more. In addition, the Ladykiller is close on her trail and lurks around every corner for her. But then Lena shows up again, the ex-fiancée of Jakob. Whether it's a happy coincidence or not, Lena Katja Ross saves Lisa's life. "Tu n'as rien à faire avec Jacob",…
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Être noir

La couleur noir méprisée.
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With her memory lost Amelia embarks on the journey of finding out more about her past. With each new discovery brings a painful memory about her past. Will she be able to overcome and begin her life again or will she drown in the painful memories of her past?
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Escaping a Nightmare

Have you ever felt like you were lying next to a stranger? Questioning yourself if you’re gonna wake up or not. Well, let me tell you my story.
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Lost Memories, Interconnected Destinies

English translation of "Recuerdos Perdidos, Destinos Entrelazados". Alexia immerses herself in an unknown world. Her memories fade away, but a necklace and a name, Dante, draw her toward a forgotten past. The story unfolds amidst a special friendship, a declaration of love, and a mysterious accident. As she confronts her past, Alexia embarks on a …
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Chant de revolte

Histoire non vérifiée Sans conquête pas de révolte. A tout peuple conquis il faut une révolte.
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Turning into a muslim

Histoire non vérifiée This is a muslim story there is some parts that are ugly by ugly i mean they have to go the the hospital. But other then that its fine. hope you injoy! ~sending best regards~ Muslim Queen
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Broken Horizons

In a tranquil coastal town in Chile, Valentina and her twin sister Daniela lead ordinary lives—until a devastating earthquake shatters their world. As chaos ensues, the sisters must navigate the wreckage, facing harrowing challenges and forging unbreakable bonds of resilience. Will they find the strength to survive amidst the ruins, or will the af…
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Sunset Bay

es una historia en Ingles de drama hare mas capitulos más adelante
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Looking At The Wrong Reflection

Histoire non vérifiée About my life and what I had to go through.
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Revolution of Self-Love

English Translation of "Revolución del Amor Propio" Sofía, devastated by a heartless rejection, spirals into the depths of bulimia. In the hospital, she crosses paths with Andrés, a fellow warrior in the battle against their inner demons. Together, they confront various hurdles, including the unexpected return of the person who caused Sofía so muc…
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Histoire non vérifiée When a 13 year old girl named Jane, or as she thinks her name is, finds herself with no memory and a headache, left on the streets, a married couple take her in, saying they are her family. — What she doesn’t know is that, her family all has powers, and when she gets hers, she finds everything out. — Read the book to find out what happens nex…
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Sunset Reckoning: The Fragile Threads of Friendship

Ashley and Marcus, once inseparable, navigate the challenges of growing apart. A chance to rebuild their friendship arises, but a looming departure threatens to unravel their renewed bond.
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One Big Lie

Histoire non vérifiée The high society of New York women, catty as ever. Are they friends or each others worst night mare?
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Bode Olufemi promises never to date again after his heart got terribly shattered on his birthday. How long can he keep this up when a pretty Nurse lives with him?
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the dare.

Giselle and her bestfriend meet a girl who seems very friendly, and persuades them to play a short round of Truth or Dare with her. Soon, this fun game turns into a terrifying game, and those who don’t tell the truth, or refuse the dare, are punished.
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A Bubble Burst by Fred Merrick White

How a Stock Exchange Scare Dislocated the Life of the Empire For Two Days, a story in the "Doom of London" series in which the author sounds the clarion call of potential disasters that my befall the great city. Here, it is the tale of an investment "bubble", an irrational exuberance for buying shares of South African gold mining stocks. Excerpts:…
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The landlord of Mankayane

What would you do if you were a rich landlord and you had no heir for your succession? This was the life challenge of Paddy, a wealthy British baron who migrated to Swaziland and married Pola, a beautiful local woman. Unfortunately, the union was childless and Paddy was sad, for he feared dying without a successor until one day, while he was on…
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Captured in perfection

The youngest out of six, nobody expects anything extraordinary from her. Infact, she was everything ordinary. Jada has to prove herself worthy of something. So, she decided take up a challenge no one ever expected her to. Well, was she truly ordinary as everyone thought? Dive in... Check out this story.
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Blood red rose

A young girl goes on holiday with her family and she meets a boy who she goes mad over. She starts learning more about him and learns he likes the couler red. She became the couler red but that caused chaos
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My success with you...

Histoire non vérifiée This is a splendid romantic comedy drama which is filled with ups and downs of life. Maya, a workholic women who never trusted men, changes her opinion when she meets... This story takes you to different aspects of life. Just try to imagine this story like a movie. I will make sure that you won't be disappointed. Stay tuned and stay focused 😊. Se…
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"You can recognize survivors of abuse by their courage. When silence is so very inviting, they step forward and share their truth so others know they aren't alone." ― Jeanne McElvaney
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Blue and Grey

Longing for happiness every day has become more difficult since you left, you made my life a green and white color but when you left you left it in blue and gray. Story inspired by BTS "Blue and Grey" #songteen
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The Dangers of Sonora

This is a romantic account of overcoming, an ode to the brave hearts that launch themselves against the vast unknown, fueled by the hope of a brighter tomorrow. However, the reality of this dream often turns out to be harsher and more merciless than the most dreaded desert mirages. The harsh truth is that many of these men and women, who entrust t…
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Janet’s Big Secret

Janet turned 16 last weekend which was pretty big because she was finally 16 and she found out that she was pregnant… she freaked out and her parents couldn’t find out at least not yet. So she’s been holding this big secret but days past and she’s getting bigger so there’s no hiding it now think it’s time for her to confess this big secret
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Like a blooming flower

a small child in the 60s was diagnosed with autism and must learn to deal and cope with it.
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Family Ekko

Histoire non vérifiée This story follows the Reinwassers in their struggle to pick themselves back up after a run in with a psychotic ex that leaves the family devastated with the lost of their home and livelihood. Drama, Tragedy, Heartache, and little bit of loving follows them everywhere.
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SHOW OFF: Romance from another planet.

Even the sky have someone to show, what of you?
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