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The Bee Hive

A week after the PPC 500 Race. Beth and her Sister make plans to start up a new business.
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Scrap Book

Random scenes we have done that are not part of any story.
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A New Venture

This was the very 1st short story we did that turned out being larger than we first imagined. Welcome to the Graffiti Alley Series. It all started here.
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The Staff from the Businesses around Graffiti Alley join forces to restore the area.
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The Delivery

Cheezy and her friends are Fifty Years into the future. Where our Jail Birds find themselves outside the Jail they escaped from. What could they possibly be doing there?
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Mad Scientist

A story we did for Halloween a few years back. It along with another story my Illustrator was working on himself. Led us into the Cheezy And The Crackers Series.
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The Check List

After finding out that they somehow traveled back in time. Our Jailbirds Huggie and Animal go into town for the first time.
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Penguin Series: Children Moral Stories

The moral story is the lesson that teaches about how to behave in the world. It help in building the ethics and value that aid in developing the spirit of righteousness among children. Moral stories teach children the importance of remaining grounded and not straying from the right path due to the lures of greed, envy, or pride. Because I believe …
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The PPC 500

Beth and DF have opened a new club. The end of the day has arrived and it is time to unwind.
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