In The End

Was it all really worth it? The pain. The feelings. The memories. In the End, it's them. ps: there are hidden messages you need to understand. It will be fun. Please note, this story contains mature content.
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Labyrinth Of His Heart

Histoire non vérifiée Sometimes the way people act can be misleading and cause a misunderstanding of that person’s real personality. Elora Felch saw right through Draco Malfoy’s hard shell the moment they first met. Elora is a transfer student from Ilvermorny from North America. Although she befriended Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley, she is drawn to D…
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The Unexpected

Histoire non vérifiée This is the story of what happens when two unexpected people falls in love,
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Unexpectedly inlove with you

Histoire non vérifiée A story between of two young idols.
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Secret Double Life

Histoire non vérifiée When a fashion designer/writer goes to Iceland to learn about a suspected superhero named Sportacus, she is finding herself to be falling for the person who is suspected to be him, Magnús Scheving. Her manager, Kim sent her to iceland with specific instructions to find the story, write about it, and publish it so the Loop Design would be on the …
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Jake Munro can fulfill your wish

Histoire non vérifiée He can make your wish come true but you will have to pay dearly for it
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One Week Challenge

Histoire non vérifiée Challenge accept! Ed Sheeran thought when he heard there was a girl who said she could never fall in love. No matter how many dates she went on, no matter how many secret kisses she stole, she just couldn’t seem to fall in love. Willing to risk it all, Ed decides to help her find true love. They have one full week. Little did he know, he would be …
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The Elites of Seoul

Histoire non vérifiée Both being born into rival elite aristocratic families, Baekhyun and Chanyeol have always been at each other’s throats. However, after an underground Syndicate’s targeted attacks on the Byun Industries’ heir, the rest of the upper-class families are ridden by fear and shock. They know that they will have to unite in order to fight the very Syndic…
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