Shadow Protocol: Dawn of Vengeance

In a world where darkness threatens to consume all, a covert operative, haunted by a tragic past, is thrust into a relentless battle against a clandestine organization bent on world domination. As he uncovers the sinister truth behind their agenda, he must confront his own demons while navigating a web of betrayal and deceit. With time running out…
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Desert Sands

In "Desert Sands: Mission Dunes," we follow the intense and thrilling saga of Isabella Vega, a secret agent of exceptional abilities, on a critical mission that takes her to the depths of the relentless Sahara Desert. Her task is to intercept a dangerous arms transaction that could further destabilize a region already marked by conflicts. The vast…
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Maxwell Industries

Not once flinching, Oscar cuts the wheel right and through another alleyway. They just barely pass that man walking across the street as they swerve into the alleyway. "AGHHHH!!!!" Leilani screams, stumbling backward, and nearly falling out of the car. Of course she's falling, why wouldn't she be??? Jakob thought, unamused. Unbuckling his seat…
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Ragnath - English version

Aric had the dream of changing his life and left his small village in pursuit of it, but during his departure, a grand scheme forever changed his life.
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Return Of The Waves (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I With the resurrection of an old enemy Siege must truly learn to master the power given to her centuries ago. The life of the one she loves depends on it.
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Advocate:The Coming War (MI /Plane 48)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I The Advocate has returned once again protecting his city from the evil of corruption. While under his protection the shadows of his past return filling the void Jason left behind. In order to stop this coming threat he must make an impossible choice. The question is what will he do?
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The War of The Storm (MI/Plane 30)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I In the wake of the death of his master Jake struggles to fight the new arising threat that attacks his world. In order to defeat them he must travel within the depths of Final Light in to find new strength.
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Skylord (MI/Plane 97)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I In a world at war a miracle falls from the sky allowing people to come together. However the world still remains divided. Only one man can unite them all. Will the world come together or will it be burned away by the flames of his rival.
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The Temple (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I Kirk Lansaw continues on with his journey into the mountains where he finds a temple. However in order to receive enlightenment he and many others must complete the trials in order to gain an audience with the great masters of the Temple.
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The War Begins (MI/Plane 30)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I Upon Plane 30 Jake continues to serve as this world's symbol of unity. Through his actions he improved the actions of everyone that lived there. However even with his efforts there are still dark forces bringing about an age of war. Jake and his team must prepare for this war in the wake of a great loss.
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Flashrunner: A Fight For All (MI/Plane 30)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I Now on his own in a whole new world Jake must now become the symbol of life in order to save this new world from destroying itself.
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The Masked Caper (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I A man of war has to find peace with what he's done in order to move forward into the future will he achieve redemption or will his sins never be forgiven.
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Shadowstorm (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I A man who was killed for standing up to a ruthless man. He becomes chosen by an ancient entity for a second chance at life, however it comes at a grave price.
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Fallen Angel Darkest Legion (MI/Astral Plane)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I After the fight with the Murder Corp, losing his brother, and sending away his team he now travels the many regions of the Astral Plain. After becoming lost for many years he is given a chance to join something greater than himself.
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The Rise Of A New Enemy (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I With Azazel ruling the underworld many demons has arisen to usurp him. In order to that this demon will need an instrument of destruction . However one has to ask is this the ultimate goal or is it the first step in a bigger plan?
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The Phantom Returns (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I Kirk Lansaw has finally return home from across the world. Unfortunately the same force that chased him around the world has followed him. In order to take him down he must rekindle the connection he has with his team and family. Only then will he find his true strength.
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Phantom:The Black (MI/Plane 6)

Une partie de l’univers de Multiverse I After two years a new threat has arisen in New York and it once again falls on Kirk Lansaw and his team to face them. However in order to do so they will need help from someone of Kirk's past.
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Shadows of an unseen assassin

This is a multiple stories feeling of different assassins taking out the bad guys who corrupt the legal system and who think they can get away with doing wrong to innocent people.
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Tales of an unseen assassin

Five stories that tell the story of different Assassins taking out bad guys who do the wrong things to ordinary citizens.
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Tale of the unseen assassin Vol 3

Five stories that tell different episodes on assassins that go around killing the guilty criminals around the city.
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The Fight

Nicholas goes to Water Mountain for deployment. There he meets Joel, Maria, Ester and his old friend. During the first couple days there the rapture happens. Nicholas and his group didn't get raptured. So they escape. Read this book to find out what awaits them in their adventure.
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Wolf's Bane

Eron Camden just wanted to be free of his past... He was hellbent to escape it all: Being the oddity of the pack, dealing with a demanding Alpha father, living in the shadow of his overachiever brother and working for a corrupt, sex-starved boss who wanted to keep him in his private army/ Finally finding a way to fake his own death and erase his f…
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AGENT BLAZE | Aimed To Kill © [Blaze-Blue Duet One]

ADIRA - Agent Blaze - is aimed to kill. Raised and trained to fulfill missions. That includes killing. Her targets? Many influential people who started working together with the government to lead to the eventual downfall of society. VELOCITY - the Agent Compound that trains Adira - makes money off of her power and success, and only hers. Soon, sh…
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Le mystère de la clé (Français)

Les mystères se dévoilent à Alphina, un pays bien connu qui s'avère être l'un des plus grands mystères jamais découverts.
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The Year Of Krampus

Nat and Kellie are two sisters who stay up late on Christmas to see Santa. Little do they know, they will find something quite different.
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Une partie de l’univers de Mission: Willfred When Hilary and Amy returns to London, Hilary is thrusted into an adventure that will answer untold questions about her past.
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