How To Raise The Dead

Histoire non vérifiée A young witch sets about bringing back her lost love.
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Utopian Dystopia

Histoire non vérifiée The world is now a Utopia where no one has to work because robots do it all for free. But in a world where money still has meaning, being forced to relax is being forced to be poor. Some people are lucky and still retain a job despite the robots; like the inspirational celebrity Naomi Wallflower, but when she is woken up the first thing her employ…
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Jon and Maeve

Histoire non vérifiée By David Backer
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A plain kiss (Letters to Allison 2006)

Histoire non vérifiée by jamie quatro
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The Knife

Histoire non vérifiée A journalist gets a lead on the O.J. murder weapon.
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The gift

Histoire non vérifiée This isn't fiction. It's a eulogy for my father. It's also quite emotional. By Andrew Starling
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Fire Weather

Histoire non vérifiée By Brady Hammes
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The Lost Soul

Histoire non vérifiée By Tadeusz Deregowski.
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The Silver Seed

Histoire non vérifiée A man is at his cubicle, waiting to commit suicide. A mysterious stranger appears to intervene but not for the reason you may think...
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Opal One, Opal Two

Histoire non vérifiée By Tesa Mellas
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Seedy and Friends

Histoire non vérifiée Seedy and friends is a short story about a little seed and all the people he meets when forced to leave home. The story is based on true events that happened in my life.
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Deep blue sea

Histoire non vérifiée By: Peter Hobbs
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Histoire non vérifiée A young woman decides to willingly become a social outcast, and reflects on her decision.
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Sticks and Stones

Histoire non vérifiée By Trezza Azzopardi
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New Frogtopia

Histoire non vérifiée The captain and doctor's logs of the colonisation of Earth from an alien species.
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Mademoiselle Fifi

Histoire non vérifiée During the months after the Prussian defeat of the French in 1871, Prussian troops occupy many areas of France. Five bored Prussian officers are among the leaders of the force occupying the small Normandy town of Urville, where they live in a castle. Major von Farlsberg is an older bearded officer; Captain von Kelweingstein is an obese man who los…
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Max Chrono And The Time Crusaders

Histoire non vérifiée A boy must chose between giving up his most prized possession to a witch and never seeing his sister again.
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Jail Break

Histoire non vérifiée By Matt Stewart
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Lady Bountiful

Histoire non vérifiée by George A. Birmingham
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Not Boring

Histoire non vérifiée Strange things begin to happen around Christmas after a girl returns home from uni.
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I like looking at pictures of Gwen Stefani

Histoire non vérifiée Elizabeth Crane
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House Guests

Histoire non vérifiée Alan Rossi
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The anarchist of Darwin

Histoire non vérifiée by michael ramberg
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What good is an ark to a fish?

Histoire non vérifiée Kelli Ford
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No Nonsense

Histoire non vérifiée A young man's journey across an unknown land
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Grieving Generations

Histoire non vérifiée Unification in sorrow caused by hope for eternity.
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Most Wanted

Histoire non vérifiée By Eric Raymond
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Histoire non vérifiée This story emphasizes the danger of fire from a unique perspective.
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