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Where to Start?

I want to write a story, are you familiar with such desire? You know that acute sense of becoming a сreator, a сreator of something new, hitherto not existed in the world. It's great to see your grandchildren touching your thoughts, feelings, joys wriiten on the paper while you were young. But what if it will be not only your grandchildren and you will write a real literary treasure for all mankind? In this article you will find a solution to turn desire into action. 

Where Do Story Ideas Come From

First, what you have to do is to meet your desire to write a story and the need to structure your thoughts. They should turn from chaotic mass into a faceted crystal story. It's possible to do by creating a goal of the story (its meaning).

It is better to take the idea from inside you. Rummage in your mind and find what you are tormented about. Things you need to tell the world. Remember your main source of new ideas, as a writer, is exploring the world. It can be almost anything that you find interesting. Maybe it's a location that enchants you, a character sketch, an overheard dialogue, or even a great quote.

As a writer, you are going to start collecting these story crumbs as you go through your everyday life. You'll begin to pay attention when something you hear or see rings a bell to your head that says there is something there worth discovering.

Don't get into a loop by staying focus on something specific; be open and susceptible to whatever comes. You will be surprised at what's in your brain just waiting to pour out onto the page.

What stories are people interested in reading

Often authors are bothered about the fact that readers should like thier work. Of course, its important, but don't forget that its impossible to please everyone. From this we get a rule – write for yourself, but spare the reader.

In your story focus only on yourself. There is no need to chase public opintion, otherwise this going to lead you into a morass of banality. Be yourself, but don't forget about technical aspects. Using proper tools, storytelling and drawing on your inner world you will creat a great story.

How to choose a genre?

The first step to choose a genre is to find the one that best reveal your original idea. Your story idea is a guideline for selecting the best genre to tell the story, as well as, ability to work within certain limits.

Every genre has its specific features and requirements that can take a your idea in totally different directions. Be careful while choosing the genre, it might turn on you and cast away that great idea of yours. Start by identifying the goal of your main character and see which genre will best fit into.

To sum up we can say that getting idea, choosing the genre and topic to write a story is a manageable task. Most important that the desire “I want to write a story” would never left you. Good luck and Happy Writing! 

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Joss Whedon: The Five Things Your Script Has To Have

Read on to check out what Joss Whedon considers the most important things to take into consideration when writing scripts.

· In a script everybody matters.
It became apparent to me very early on, that not only do I need to understand my characters, I need to understand the characters that you don't generally need to understand. I think it's almost insulting to hire someone to be someone and you don't know who he is...it will ultimately inform what happens.

· Lean on your genre.
I need genre, I lean on it, because there's always structure as well. If it's a musical video – they're going to sing – if it's a horror movie, they're gonna be scared...I love that – the humanity obviously comes within. Every – every – story is a story about people, or it sucks.

· Believe in your concept.
Time travel is a concept that has been done and so is every other thing you will ever think of. So the thing that makes it worth saying is only going to be you.

· Enjoy your craft.
I myself have never enjoyed anything more than writing. I love to live in that world. In fact, I need to. I've had so many people come and be like, "Y'know, I'd like to write,"...and I'm like, "Just leave." I know writers who, it's torture for them, they hate it, it's like "AARGH AARGH!" but they can't stop.

· Embrace your weirdness.
Whatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset.

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Common Mistakes New Writers Trend To Make

Today I want to tell you about typical mistakes beginning writers can make. Whether you are a new or experienced author you still can make mistakes. Your first step to success is in ability to fight and solve core of the problem. So let’s find out what are these typical mistakes. 

Living the future. Everyday you start new masterpiece. Thinking about new creative ideas, plots and incredible characters for your story. You start and drop writing, because you’re overwhelmed by other new ideas. It seems that somewhere in the near future lives that perfect book. A book that everyone is going to admire and willing to buy, but it never happens, because you’re keep dreaming. Stop dreaming the future, come back to earth and start writing, writing every single day.

Quitting after first critique. The first critique knocks us down. We hide in the shell and refuse to bring our book in such ruthless world. Or on opposite we believe that have written the next big hit and start arguing with critic unlit the last. In the end we abandon our work and forget about it.

Don’t be afraid of critique. Not everyone might like your piece and it’s totally fine, because what one person would love to see, another won’t even read. Try to analyze feedback you received it might be really helpful. Be open to useful critique.

Not doing any research. New writers believe that reliability of the description is not that important, especially when it comes to adventure or fantasy genre. However, it’s a common mistake. Knowledge of the using “material” gives you credibility. Otherwise, reader just won’t trust your story.

Write about areas you are familiar with. But what if your plot requires a fight, which takes place in a steel factory, for instance. And you don’t have enough knowledge to describe a place. What you can do is to ask people with expertise. Most of them will gladly help not only with advice, but also will give theoretical material on concerned topic. So don’t be afraid, make a research and ask for advice if needed.

Not understanding who your readers are. Writing about what bothers only you, living in your own world and forgetting about the reader. Of course, if you are not planning something more and want to write just for yourself that’s your right, do whatever you want. But if you want to bring a story to the whole world, promote it and publish, in this case, you have to take into account needs of the market and understand who your readers are.

Fears. What if it won’t work, what if no one will like it, what if I won’t finish my book, what if new ideas won’t come, what if…. All those “What if happen or not” confuses us, slow down our writing process and even upset us so much that we are ready to give up and bury our work somewhere deep down.

To say the truth it’s very difficult get rid of those thoughts. However, we shouldn’t succumb to our fears, otherwise, all the time and effort was for nothing. Unfortunately, there is not cure from fears, but you can fight them back. Yes, it’s going to be difficult, but doable.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes. They help you grow, improve and gain skills, experience to achieve success and to become a better writer. 

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Writing Workouts To Improve Your Creativity

If you want to become a better writer, or to be able to express your ideas and thoughts more clear, you need constantly grow and develop your skills. Otherwise you will end up with “crisis of creativity”. Listed exercises will help you to improve creativity and will be not only useful, but also very entertaining. They’re going to generate new interesting ideas and empower your way of thinking. 

Following workout should be done in written form, and try to keep the exercises up to 10 min each.

· Close your eyes. Think about one of the objects in your room. Try to give it as many characteristics as you can, without opening your eyes. Then open your eyes and write down everything you remembered, and do not peek.

· Choose any poem that you like, and use last line as the first line of your own poem.

· Write what would you say to stranger who gave you a visit at 4 am.

· In 300 words describe a perfect place, where you would like to live.

· Write a story about an empty glass.

· Write about easiest/ toughest decision you have ever made.

· Imagine that you are in a room full of people, but you are the only one blind there. Describe the place and people around you. 

· Look out the window and pick a stranger. Use 150 words to describe this person, way he/she looks, profession and habits.

· Think of the story that should include following words: beach, dog sitter, law and bun.

· Imagine that you are a Christmas tree and were just cut down. Describe your feelings.

· Write a monologue of a lonely tree that survived in a burnt forest.

· Think of a newspaper article using words: priest, money, cellar and kettle.

· Make a list of ten things you would sacrifice your last 10$ for, a week before payday.

· Write 8 daring reasons why a vendor of the antique store left his town.

These exercises will help you to boost your creativity and will improve your spontaneity in thinking. Good luck!

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