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Write, participate and get your reward

Whether you are a former user or new to the platform, you have surely noticed that new option under your profile photo called "Reward Credits". Yes, now Inkspired also recognizes your activity within the community!

Who does not get excited when they receive a 'like', a comment or a review in any of their stories? When you just become an author, it is amazing to feel that you are reaching people, but it is equally important and rewarding to motivate other writers through this, or even to know their experiences through discussions in writing communities. Who knows? You could even get an inspiration for a story thanks to the experiences of another writer. And the best part is that now all these actions are transformed in Rewards Credits for you. There are many ways in which you can earn these Reward Credits, which can even be used to promote your story. Here's a specified table with the number of credits given for each action. However, this is a temporary table, because the number of credits given can constantly change. 

1. Share a message/ad on your profile (1 credit)

2. "I like" a story or chapter (1 credit)

3. Follow a user (1 credit)

4. Upload a profile image (1 credit)

5. Publish a new chapter (2 credits)

6. Follow a story (2 credits)

7. Comment on a discussion in a community (2 credits)

8. Comment on a story or chapter (2 credits)

9. Post a new discussion in a community (2 credits)

10. Publish a story (3 credits)

11. Send a review to a story or chapter (7 credits)

12. Refer a friend to register (7 credits)

13. Become an ambassador (20 credits)

14. Volunteering as a BETA reader (20 credits)

15. Win a writing contest (40 credits)

16. Subscribe to Premium (80 credits)

If you want to be aware of any update in the Rewards Credits table, you can check it on the following link. 

As you may notice, the actions that require more effort, will give you more credits, and not only for participating in communities or interacting with other writers, but also for continuing with your stories or finishing them. These are some of the services you can take with you rewards credits:

Priority queue to verify a story: redeem 40 credits

If you buy this service, your story will be reviewed and verified by our staff faster. This helps you have more visibility and get more readers.

BETA readers per chapter: redeem 100 credits

BETA readers are Inkspired volunteers whose purpose is to read stories and share their opinions, recommendations or reviews. If you want more feedback, ideas or suggestions in any of your chapters, this is the best service for you.

Basic book cover design: redeem 350 credits

This reward explains by itself. What better way to increase the visibility and followers of your book than an exclusive cover designed by our expert staff.

Contributions service: redeems 30 credits

Is there anything better than receiving contributions from your followers to continue with your story? Surely this can be the first step for your career as a professional writer. Exchange only 30 credits and activate the contribution channel for the story you choose, however, it must be a story in progress and you must commit to finish it and upload new chapters regularly.

For more information about the Rewards Program, choose the option "Reward Credits" in your profile and then click where it is indicated. All the prizes that you can exchange, already detailed, you can find them in the Self-publishing section.

Good luck and keep writing!

Alejandra Ortega



Inkspired Team

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