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Learn how to write about mistery and crime

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The mind of psychopaths/sociopaths is very complex, so much that, at times, the writer may end up deviating from his main idea to end up committing random acts, that can create a huge mistake. The first thing to be clear about when creating a murderer is the degree of evil we want him to have according to his actions.

According to the root of the killer's mentality, there are two very different profiles that lie in two very different diseases, despite the fact that there are no differences between the two.

The first profile to take into account is that of the sociopath, which usually begins at a very early age and, little by little, as the years go by, the symptoms get worse. If you have in mind to create a character with a sociopathic profile, you have to take into account his childhood and / or adolescence, which, unlike psychopathy, are based on physical or psychological abuse.

The sociopath tends to isolate himself from the world, creating in his mind something similar to an idealized world where he himself has control of everything that happens, wanting to show his own rules to the real world, where he acts without regrets and without care towards others. We must also bear in mind that the sociopath does not always have to end up committing murders, although there have also been cases, the sociopath enjoys manipulating others regardless of the consequences, does not learn from his past experiences as very traumatic or very negative that were the consequences suffered. Sociopaths are able to feel some kind of emotional connection, but only with counted people, such as a family member or friends, but not always.

On the contrary, psychopaths are unable to empathize with anyone, nor can they have an emotional bond with anyone and even, sometimes, cannot even maintain control of their feelings towards themselves, which can lead to self-harm. Sometimes, psychopaths can even be seen as charming people, performances worthy of a reputed actor, but they are only masks that hide their true personality.

When creating a character, each aspect is essential and decisive for its development but, especially with those who present an anomaly in their mind and way of thinking, it is important to review every point that is believed not to make mistakes. Staying in the disturbed mind of a murderer, a manipulator or anyone with psychological illnesses is extremely complex, but if carried out in the right way, the results can be 100% satisfactory.

Text by:

K.H. Baker


English Translation:

Inkspired Team

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#NewWritingContest - Bring verses to my life

It is time to bring out the poet in you. This time in a new writing contest. The slogan is to write 4 poems in rhyme, of 10 verses each, dealing with the following topics in this order:

1) The birth

2) Growth

3) Death

4) After death

The writing style and the POV will depend on the originality of each author, but they can only have 10 verses in rhyme. The poems should be published as a single story, but each pom should be in a different chapter.

The work that best portrays each of the themes and that strictly complies with the rules set forth will be the winner.

Start date: September 2, 2019

Closing date: September 28, 2019

How does the contest work?

1. You must publish a work of 4 poems in rhyme, about the topics discussed above, in your Inkspired profile.

The poems must contain 10 verses each, no more or less.

2. Once published, you can edit it until the closing day of the contest.

3. The work must be published as story with Chapters of the Poetry category.

4. You must tag your story with the hashtag #VersameLaVida in the hashtags section.

5. The story must have a title, its own cover and a brief description.

6. It must be unpublished and exclusive to Inkspired for the duration of the contest.

7. Once the contest is finished, the work must remain published on the platform for a minimum of 6 months, and the ideal would be to continue writing it.

8. The contest will have only one winner. These will be announced in the first half of October.

9. The jury will consist of the Inkspired editorial team, which includes Jackeline Vargas-Content Manager and Gin Les, as the leading ambassador. The winner's choice will be based on what each poem transmits, on how to portray each of the themes and on the respective fulfillment of the contest rules. In addition, grammar and spelling quality will be scored, as well as originality.

10. A minimum of 30 participants is required for the contest to be official.

11. To get additional points, you just have to upload and share your story on one of your Social Networks (Instagram or Facebook) and tag us at @getinkspired. In your story you must put the link of your Instagram or Facebook account so we can see it. (Remember to be public)


1. People from any country can participate, but the story must be written in English.

2. The poems must be published as ONE STORY (story with chapters) but each poem must be in a different chapter with its respective title. The topics presented do not necessarily have to be written in the titles.

3. The poems must be your responsibility, we do not accept any kind of plagiarism and there can be legal action if this is violated.

4. The poems must be exclusive for the duration of the contest.

5. If you are not a current Inkspired user and want to participate, you just have to register. It's free!

6. The work must have the hashtag #VersesToMyLife in the hashtags section. In addition, it must have a title, a cover and a brief description of the work.

8. This time you can participate with only one work. No more works by the same author will be accepted. If this happens, all the works of their authorship will be disqualified.

9. Anyone who does spam will be disqualified.

10. Contest deadlines must be met. No work that leaves this period will be accepted.

11. Stories can be edited only during the contest period. Once closed, no changes will be accepted.

12. Once the winners have been announced, they should write to info@getinkspired.com to coordinate the awards ceremony. If the winner does not pronounce within 15 days, the prize will be awarded to second place.

13. You do not need to participate from day one, you can do it whenever you want while the contest is open.

14. Participation in this contest means that the user knows and accepts the bases of it.

15. We also have contests in other languages ​​-Spanish and Portuguese-, you can see them in the contest section of each language.



First place: A podcast with its 4 poems narrated and their publication in our networks with its respective mention.

How to publish a story in Inkspired?

1. Go to www.getinkspired.com

2. Register as a user (if you are not already), you can do it manually or via Facebook

3. Click on CREATE A STORY

4. Choose the type of story you wish to publish, in the case of the contest it would be: STORY WITH CHAPTERS

5. Write the title of your story and the category (in this case it would be POETRY). The title can be edited later if you wish.

6. Write your story as a single chapter.

7. Once written click on ‘save’ and then on ‘close and go to the profile of the story’.

8. Here you can add the hashtag #VersesToMyLife , the description, the cover and the language.

9. Then you will have to go down to the title of your chapter or story to click on the publication status button that says ‘Draft’ and change it to ‘Published’.

10. You can watch a video tutorial on how to publish here: https://getinkspired.com/faq/

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Write with the rhythm of the music

Photo: (c) | Dreamstime.com

What would a movie or TV series be without their soundtrack? They wouldn't be the same, right?

Music helps us to get more into the story, more into the scene we have in front of us. It makes us feel something, it causes emotions and it takes us to that exact moment.

In the same way, writing with a good background melody can make our inspiration flow better so we can write a more vivid scene or one full of sensations.

Imagine a woman dressed in a long dress that swirls at her feet as she walks under the watchful eye of a crowd. Her chained dolls can barely move, only what the guard's pulls in front of her allow. She can feel the hate in the eyes looking at her, the way they accuse and judge her. And yet, that woman walks with her head high, her chin pointing high as her pride. The breeze runs light keeping the flames of the torches in a hissing dance towards the sky; The end of his journey is the bonfire. Without looking back, she climbs the pyre that has been prepared, ready to receive the sentence for being free and brave, more than others would like.

How does it sound? What if you read it now with Shawn James's "Burn the witch" in the background? What sounds better?

This is a small example of what music can achieve in us. A single song can inspire a scene and even the idea of ​​an entire book.

How does the character feel? How is the environment? That and more can be described much better if we get into history with music. Rain to relax, “Love is a bitch” by Two feet for sensual scenes, BSO movies for epic scenes…

The list of songs and moments is long and even almost infinite. Choose a good song, one that makes you feel what you want to convey and press the keys, I assure you that the words will flow more smoothly.

Text by:

Amara Calderón


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Be careful with technicalities

The dictionary defines technicalities as "Each of the technical voices used in the language of an art, a science, a trade, among others.". Understanding this, as the complex language that is used within a particular speciality.

The question is: Can a writer make use of technicalities in his/her writings?

Although, dictionaries state that they are technical voices used in an art (...), and writing is an art, it is not recommended to use them excessively, since, they can create a distance between the writer and reader. When a person reads a novel, he/she seeks to identify with the story in a profound way, through desires and needs, and if this is written in a language that escapes their field of knowledge, the reader simply leaves it.

Imagine that in a suspense story, the author writes a conversation, using legal technicalities, for example:

"He laughed with relief at what he had just witnessed. I take a deep breath and turn the body in the direction of his friend to comment on what happened: ―It is believed that the wife of the deceased will file a claim for damages against Mario's family, and if possible, also accuse them of injury, What?

"What a problem for Mario." You and I know that he had nothing to do with the murder of that poor man. ”He paused for a long time, as if he was pondering what he would say. My wife told me that in the halls of the Palace of Justice it is rumored that Mario will be charged with the intellectual author of the murder, so he will be given several years in prison."

See, that for a lawyer this conversation is extremely clear, however for an accountant, architect or for a high school student, the situation is different. The author must avoid unnecessary technicalities, in order to get into the reader's thinking. Recalling that simplicity in his writing is a sign of previous quality work and not carelessness and even bad writing.

Search to connect with the reader and you will see great results.

Text by:

Franyelis Ramírez

Translation: Inkspired Team

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