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How to create your protagonists characters

In a novel we will always have our protagonist and main character; that person with whom we identify in the story; that character we live their moments of anger, happiness, rancor and fear; that character with whom we get to empathize or sometimes hate. But not all stories have a single protagonist.

Stories with Multiple Protagonists:

Something we must take into account is that, in a story with multiple leading characters, it is that in each of them there is a background, a story behind them, as well as a different purpose, but just as important.

They hold their own goals as paramount, they have their own bumps and their own consequences for their actions. Each of them are different from each other, but always keeping something in common.

Unique and different:

Our protagonists always have to stand out in one way or another. They have to keep something that sets them apart from the rest of the characters, be it physically or mentally, always open something unique in our characters.


This is a fairly important piece of information. In a story we always look for logic and coherence, especially on the part of our iconic protagonist, not that we want our beloved protagonist where his favorite food was pizza, sooner or later he will detest it.


We want a character who is active, a character who feels cry, screams, who thinks for himself. A character that does not have any of these characteristics is a flat and meaningless character, a character that we will not empathize with. And that is not what we want.


A main character should always have a goal in mind or at least something that drives him to be in the story either: an adventure, revenge, love, or for simple monetary interest. There must always be something that drives you into the plot of the story.

Ethics and Morality:

Morality and ethics on the part of the protagonist, something that has been discussed a lot in the plots, I am not saying that the protagonist must be a saint, to me personally a protagonist who carries that moral label on his shoulder would not be one to empathize with .

We must understand that what is labeled as fair will not always agree with the rest of the characters. A protagonist does not necessarily have to be a vigilante for humanity. But neither should we make him a villain in himself. We must create a moral limit, depending on the personality we give him, without derailing his character in the story, otherwise it would not make sense.

Perfections and imperfections:

A perfect protagonist, is a character that personally chooses me to get bored, so a character that has a few other problems is a gem that is polished throughout the story.

Mystery in the plot:

A protagonist who has a background behind him is a part that stands out, as it is discovered or in the course of history.

I hope and you liked it. @tania9305

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