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midnightrose Midnight-Rose Brown Hi! I am Midnight Rose and this is the story of my book getting written and published! Follow along on my journey to publishing!
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October 1, 2019

Happy October-ing Inkspired! I came up with a holiday! I am still writing stories for my book "Rooms", but I am also reading another book called "The Girl". It is published on Inkspired right now, and personally, I think that it's going to be much much much better than "Rooms". Autobiographies are really hard to write; okay?! Today's writing prompt is:

"Imagine you are in the woods, with no supplies and water. What would you do? How would you survive?"

Well, write on Inkspired!

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September 30, 2019

Hello Inkspired! This is Midnight Rose! Back in for another week of writing in my pajamas. Yay! I am not going to be able to write thirteen chapters in one day, but I will write two a day. I am going to try and write some stories about my dreams. I have some really interesting dreams and I really want to talk about those and how it impacted me. I decided to create a prompt for you guys to be encouraged to write your own stories! Today's prompt is:

Write about a time that you had a struggle that you had to work hard to overcome? How did it change you?

Alright! That's it for now, guys! Write on, Inkspired!

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Hey Inkspired, I just want to say that I take a break on the weekends! See you on Monday!

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September 26, 2019

Hello Inkspired! Midnight Rose, here! Today I am trying to write seven stories. I already started on one of them, and its going to be about my struggles moving from our old house to our new house and how I couldn't really adapt to the change. Here's an excerpt.

"The walls. A different color than that of my familiarity. 'Agreeable Grey' they said was the color of these walls. I disagreed."

-"The House with many rooms", Chapter 5, "Rooms"

Anyways, I am gonna get to writing now! See ya!

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