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Once upon a time you and me , how happy are we?

And now we’re too apart and the moment you decided

To walk away and start a new life, it just tear me down

But I know that I was not alright, and in this part of my life.

I'm just lost

My mistake, not to treasured the love you gave to me

You may be happier without me and

I see that I need you more than air

More than myself

And in the night, brake and alone I knew

The things that really matter

Are the one you did for me, and those little details you always want to gave

Because life is not about the money and the cars

Is more than I could ever said

You and me, were a thing that I should care more

so, I may saw

I know I'm not a poet but I'm giving my best

I don’t know how to talk, my words are my language

In with the soul I’m written about

You look good, I don't but, is great to me 

to see how you get out of this on your own

Hope we will see that we both, our love are a

thing that really matter 

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