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#Headache is a common problem that most people suffer from. There can be many reasons for it, such as excessive stress, intense sunlight, dehydration, or some other health-related issue. If you frequently take over-the-counter medications or pills to relieve headaches, it can have various side effects on your body. Here, we are telling you how you can get rid of headaches within minutes without medication.

If you often experience headaches due to migraines, it can be a difficult time for you. In such pain, half of the head feels heavy, and the pain spreads around the head from near the nose. Additionally, headaches can also occur due to several medical health issues.

If you have a migraine and are troubled by a headache, immediately place a cold compress on your forehead. Alternatively, wrap ice cubes in a towel and apply it to your head. If the pain does not subside, wash your head with cold water or take a cold shower. You will see the effect in 15 minutes.

To relieve headaches, you can also use a heating pad or cold compress. If you have a headache due to sinus issues, this method will be quite effective. For this, place a heating pad on the back of your neck and apply it to the back of your head. To get relief, you can also take a hot bath with lukewarm water.

Sometimes wearing a cap, swimming goggles, a tight rubber band, or a high ponytail can also cause severe headaches. If this happens, massage the ponytail area with your fingers.

Often, bright light can also cause headaches. If you are in a brightly lit area, close the windows, wear sunglasses outdoors, dim your laptop screen, or use an anti-glare screen. To get instant relief, splash cold water on your eyes thoroughly.

Sometimes chewing for a long time can cause pain in the jaw and also in the head. Especially if you are chewing gum or biting your nails or lips' skin, these habits can also cause headaches. Avoid these habits. Additionally, if you have cavities in your teeth, consult a dentist immediately, as this can also cause headaches.

If your body and brain tissues are dehydrated, a common symptom is a headache. Therefore, whenever you have a headache, drink plenty of water immediately.

If you have a headache, ginger or peppermint can be very beneficial. You can use it like over-the-counter medicine. You can also drink it in the form of tea or a decoction.
Dr.Neha Bhatt

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