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bel-2004 Guadalupe Rodríguez In a world where love is considered a sin, simply for loving you as much as I do, it becomes the torment of a cruel heart within the confines of society. We have been created to discern what is morally right and what is not. Many people have told me to love you in silence, as if our connection were wrong, frivolous, and foolish. To me, you are an ocean of poems, just as stars need darkness to shine, I need your air to breathe. 0 critiques
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Passionate encounter

My feet long to run towards you,

awkwardly and disastrously

I show myself when I see you,

Am I too

obvious in my liking for you?

Butterflies fly and

roses have color,

as beautiful as you,

boy, you've made me a mess,

Do you like flowers?

Let me give you this bouquet

of white tulips,

and a small glass box

with my heart inside,

let me feel your

hands with mine.

Give me the opportunity to feel

this that I'm experiencing,

my cheeks betray my excitement,

my heart won't be able to bear it

for much longer,

give me permission

to feel your lips,

let me be selfish,

for the first time.

I'm being

so fragile with you,

let my heart

feel safe,

your voice is so addictive,

it could be

like the perfect melody.

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Eternally Yours

You know I'm a man of few words, I shiver from the cold, I cry while I sleep.

Your heartbeats and your skin.

They are my refuge, I need your kisses.

My skin is only yours, May your desires take me with you, far away where alone it's you and me.

The stars shine up high and you smile like a beautiful summer flower.

You endure the cold seasons.

I want to be yours in every way, that my breath It's only yours and eternity takes us to the abyss.

I want to be your faithful servant, your shield, your protector, from your beauty, your daring, your intelligence goes beyond just admiring you.

If I'm not going to love you and take care of you, if I am not worthy have you, a single word It's enough.

I will accept everything that comes, as long as It is you, my beloved.

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