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Ive never been one to have addictions. If i had i can imagine now what it feels like to finally get that high again. After what seems like an eternity, reading your words and feeling that connection again feels unbelievably amazing.


I never want us to feel like strangers. I honestly dont even know if our souls could be. I feel like half of me..is half of you.

Today i woke up feeling recharged. I feel almost whole again. Ive been feeling like part of me has been missing..and i know you have too.

My struggles today consist of going back to the silence. Not giving in to temptation..stay strong. Listening to music and going through the motions. Keeping myself busy has been the best form of discipline.

I can only hope that you woke up today feeling comfort. I hope that you have an amazing day.

Most importantly i hope you get to the beautiful sunshine and smile because it makes you think of me.

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Our Walks


When we met things were so simple and natural. Everything flowed without any ripples or waves. We seemingly were both able to be our complete selves. You quickly opened up to me and showed me sides of you that i always knew was in there. We were both the same kinda weird. The goofy odd things that would come out of your mouth..i would usually just giggle and shake my head. Theres still things i probably dont get! One of the many many things i admire, adore, and love about you.

It amazes me still to this day how we are so completely different but at the same time..so much alike. I think that deep down in our hearts and souls we are literally the same people. We fall fast, love hard, and cant let go. Twin Flames...perhaps.

I absolutely love how we grew this amazing friendship. I could sit and listen to your voice forever. It has a calming effect on me. I feel like you know me so well..at this point it may be even better than i know myself.

Im honored that you have shared so much of yourself with me. I am forever thankful that you've shared your past with me and also your hopes and dreams of your future. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. I just know in my jellies that you were put on this earth to do amazing things!

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My Meow

So much left unsaid.

Have you ever loved two people at the same time? Has your head and heart tried leading you down two different paths? Have you ever "loved" someone and were "in love" with someone else? Navigating through this may very possibly be one of the hardest things so far Ive had to do.

Have you ever craved someone? Literlly craved them.. their smell, their touch, their eyes, their smile, their lips, their manorisms, their sounds, their presence?

I belive everything happens for a reason. There are reasons people come in and out of our lives. Its either to teach us lessons, show us what we need or dont need, or perhaps make us feel and see things we never knew.


If your here..I miss you. I belive our paths crossed for a reason. The fact that we are both still here also holds a significant reason. Our newest forms of "communication" is my most favorite so far. Just so you know..Im still here..im here listening, reading, thinking, and feeling.

I know you are confussed and you rightfully so have tons and tons of unanswered questions.

I wish so badly that i had the answers to help you.

Just know i also meant everything I've said to you.

The instant bond and connection we felt is strong. I think about you alot i can feel you. My favorite are the times im left alone in silence..just listening to my heart.

Most importantly..

Keep going!

Pick yourself up, dust off your shoulders, hold that head up and go kick butt!!!

Until next time..

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