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How to Write an Action Book Related to Online Poker?

Thanks to the internet, and the rise of indie publishing, many more people are writing their novels. The innovation has led to a surge in genre fiction that would never have been published otherwise. Weird fiction, splatterpunk writings, and bizarre fantasy stories are now much more likely to get picked up.

Likewise, a lot more people are willing to publish their work. This has led to a surge in action-based, pulp stories like The Shadow, Doc Savage, and James Bond. In this article, we’d like to give a brief guide on how you, too, can write your action novel, especially if you want to have the story based around online poker.

Get Inspired!

The first step is to get some inspiration. If you are writing an action story based around online poker, you will want to consume as much material relating to the two as possible. That means watching action movies and dissecting what makes them work. Reading action novels, such as Jack Reacher or The Bourne Identity, will also greatly help.

However, you can’t stop there. You’ll have to delve deep into gambling if your novel is about poker. That means watching gambling movies and maybe even reading some books on the topic. No matter what you do, reading about gambling will help you write about it.

Check Out Online Casinos

You’ve decided to write an action novel centered on online poker. To do that, you need to understand how online poker casinos work. Visit websites that offer poker, and maybe even play a few rounds. If you are a poker fan already, you should have no problem. However, if you aren’t that good at the game, or you simply don’t like gambling, you have other options.

Social poker casinos let you play the game without any risk. They don’t accept real cash and instead use virtual currency with no value. Essentially, they are simple video games where you can play for fun. A truly great writer could take their experience at a social casino and re-write it to fit the theme of a real money online poker game.

Think About the Characters

You will also need to consider the novel’s characters when you are writing them. Your action novel is centered around online poker. That means that at least one of the main characters will need to know a lot about the game or at least be a good enough trickster to bluff their way out of trouble.

Another aspect of online poker is that it is, well, online. The internet is bigger than ever now, with most people in the world being connected to the World Wide Web. That opens up a lot of character potential. White hat hackers vs. cybercriminals is an incredibly popular theme, and featuring characters from both factions will lead to some impressive sequences.

Consider the Themes

You should always consider what the goal of your novel is. All works of art have a theme and a thought behind them. In this case, you could explore the impact of online poker on the gambling industry, how cybercrime affects online gamblers or even the popularity of online gambling in general. Think about your theme before you create a magnificent novel that people will want to read.


Crafting an action novel around online poker offers an exciting venture in modern storytelling, but as with all creative endeavors, it can be challenging, especially inspiration-wise.

As the old proverb goes, when you need a new idea, read an old book. So don’t be afraid to dive into reading iconic novels, see action movies, and immerse yourself in the intricate gambling world for inspiration. Explore online casinos through gameplay or observation to authentically portray the essence of virtual poker.

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