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pril-mc April Mc.cormack April Mc.cornock,a sixteen year old girl has to move in to London with her little sister Susan to live with her Auntie Marie after her parents death.She finds out things about her parents while she's in London.And she also meets the professor layton.But it's not what it seems,an evil person wants revenge on their parents by terrorising the sisters.Will April and her sister live in London safely? 0 critiques
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The next morning,April woke up on the coach.She went to where aunt Marie and Susan is. "Had a good night sleep?",Marie asked. "Yeah.But before I went to sleep,I saw a shadowy figure outside.",said April. "It's probably your imagination dear.",said Marie. "Mhm,but I swear it wasn't my imagination.The shadowy figure definitely wore a coat.",said April. "Just forget all about it dear.Maybe it was just my plants that made you imagine the shadowy figure,have some scrambled eggs.",said Marie putting down two plates of scrambled eggs.

"I was wondering if you want to go to something special at the park?",Marie asked. "I guess.",April answered. "What do you mean by 'I guess'?",Marie asked. "I'm going to be honest with you auntie,I'm really bad a meeting new people.",said April. "You'll be fine dear,just like meeting Hershel.",said Marie. "Yeah... I guess so...",said April looking unsure.

In the meantime,Marie asked April to buy bread since she has something to do.She gives April a note to where to buy the bread.April walks to the store where the bread is.While she's walking down to the store,she feels like someone's following her.She walks fast and goes in the store quickly.She looks outside the window to see if the person is still following her,but then gets a little bump on her back. "Ow!",someone said.April turned around.The person turned out to be a small boy with brown shorts,a blue hat and wore mary jane shoes. "I'm terribly sorry.",said April. "No,I'm terribly sorry.I didn't see you at all.",said the boy.

"Allow me to introduce myself,I'm Luke Trition.Professor Layton's apprentice number one.",said Luke.

"Oh,well it's nice to meet you Luke.Do you know where the bread is by any chance?",April asked. "Sure,just follow me.",said Luke.Luke showed where the bread was to April.After April buyed the bread,she left the store and waved Luke goodbye.As April walked home,someone tugged her jumper.She turned around and saw a little girl. "Excuse me,have you seen a cat?",The girl asked. "What do they look like?",April asked. 

"Well,my cat is white and fluffy,she has a name tag named 'Snowball',can you please find it? I looked everywhere.",said the girl.

April needed to get home,but she can't say no to a girl who lost her cat,so she accepted the request and looked for Snowball.Moments later,she finds Snowball. "Thank you miss.",said the girl. "Please,call me April.",said April. "Alright.You know,you remind me of a photo someone made me look at.",said the girl. "What...?",April asked. "Someone asked if I've seen you,but now I do.",said the girl. "I should go now.",said April as she quickly walked.Before April was not near the girl anymore,she heard someone talking to the girl. 

"So,have you found her?",the person asked. "Yes,she turned that way.",said the girl.As April heard this,she quickly ran like there was no tomorrow.The person chased her. "Stop running girl!",yelled the person.April didn't even look at the person,she kept on running until she found a police station. "That's right,the police station.I can get help from there.",April thought.Then she ran and opened the police door.

"Help! Someone's following me!",yelled April. "Calm down! This is a building you know.",said a person who probably happens to be an inspector. "Now please explain what happened ma'm.",they asked.April started explain top to bottom. "I see,do you know what the stalker looks like?",they asked. "No sir.I didn't get a chance to.",April answered.April looked at him,it looked like she knew him while her and her parents were spending the summer holidays while she was younger. 

"Are you inspector Chelmey?",April asked. "Yep,inspector Chelmey's the name.Why?",Chelmey asked.

"I don't think you remember me,but I'm April Mc.cormack.",said April. "April Mc.cormack?! I remember you when you were just a wee girl.",exclaimed Chelmey. "What was I like at that time?",April asked. "Very cheeky,I remember.",said Chelmey.

After their concersation,inspector Chelmey bringed the girl in with her mother according to April that she probably helped. "So,you've helped someone stalking someone?",Chelmey asked. "Oh,stop it! My daughter would never do such a thing!",exclaimed the mother. "No mommy,I did do it.",the girl said.The girl then turned to Chelmey. "Of course I helped someone stalk her officer.He promised if I helped,he would help me find my cat.",the girl said. "Right,what's your name?",Chelmey asked.

"It's Nina.N-I-N-A.",said Nina.   

"Right Nina,do you know what the stalker looks like?",Chelmey asked. "Well,he only wore black clothes,so it was hard to see what he looked like.",Nina answered. "Right.",said Chelmey writing in a notebook.

After that,Nina and her mother left. "April,is there any person I can call to pick you up?",Chelmey asked. "Yes there is,but please don't call someone.I don't want to make them worried.",said April. 

April walked home by herself,she looked behind her every thirty seconds to see if someone is stalking her.She then gets hit by a hat which blows in her face.April grabs the hat and looks around,and see it was Hershel's hat. "Hershel is this your hat?",April asked. "Oh,yes,why thank you.And please,call me professor.",said Hershel getting his hat on. "Why are you here? Your aunt Marie tried to look everywhere for you.",Hershel asked. "Please don't tell my aunt,but someone was stalking me and I went to the police station to get help.",said April. "Someone stalking you?",Hershel remarked. "Yes and they haven't found him yet.A little girl said he was wearing black so it was hard to see his face.",said April.Hershel looked around,then back at April. "I think I know who it is.",said Hershel. "Can you tell me?",April asked.

"I can tell you much about him.His name is Don paolo.Don paolo was a scientist,but got exiled from the society of scholars.He knew your parents,but he hated your father so much he swore he would make his life worse as someone told me.",said Hershel.

"Professor,why did he hate my dad so much?",April asked. "I don't have the slightest idea why.",Hershel answered. "Well,what do you think that made him hate my dad?",April asked. "Not sure.",Hershel answered.

April didn't feel well,it looked like she was going to faint.After all she didn't eat yet.Her vision started to get blury. "April are you alright?",Hershel asked.Before April could say or do anything,she fainted.Hershel catched her before she touched the ground. "April,are you alright?!",Hershel asked out loud.Marie quickly ran to Hershel. "Hershel what happened?!",Marie asked. "She fainted.Call the hospital!",said Hershel.Marie took out her phone and called the hospital.


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