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Melissa Harlow
This is describing how my knee was damaged and needed multiple surgeries 0 critiques
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Do we know the difference?

How do we define truth? what is an opinion? what is a fact? what is a hypothosis?

what does God use most to get his childern in order?

His word!

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Living with the rest of me, what’s left of me.

My father was haitian, and he knew creole, but he never spoke one word to me, but he had a strong accent. He was a thin healthy man. As a child growing up around him was calm, and I enjoyed his presence. He was soft spoken, and he told me how he really felt about my mom filing for child support in a letter he wrote. I honestly only remembering his complaint in the letter. How would I know what she is doing? I knew how to read, and I really didn't have a say in what she was up to. He started sending $250, and my mom would say "this is my money." Right to my face, she expressed why she really asked for CHILD support. He once said to me, all you want is money. You are just like your mother. Her abusing him for money, got me thrown into that category with her. We still spoke up until I was 18 and I was in the 11 or 12 grade an in my cosmetology class, I was on the phone with him, and he said he couldn't buy me aticket to fly where he was to visit him. I haven't seen him since I was 7-9, that's around the time the letter he sent came in. I never spoke to him again, but I will always remember his healthy body. At one time he told me don't get fat. he would say your my only daughter, I cried to live with him. My mom had 4 children before me and one after me. I was harrassed,insulted, assulted, and verbally abused because my father was haitian. I spent so much time overextending myself to these people and injured myself in ways that I can't explain.

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Will to survive

How can one live through and deal with constant pain. How does it feel to be injury free? I learned to live and not want to just die. Sometimes what we really feel about how our lives turn out is not what we exspect or even wanted but it all happened. Some people don't survive what most of us conquer. I always win and God always reveals the misteries of the land. His army of angels stops death in its tracks. Sometimes it's not our will be done but Gods. Sometime we want to cleche "give up" but how about prayimg for wisdom. Stop polluting the body, strengthen your spirit through the word of Jesus. I excel because of Christ living inside of me because in him I live, move, and have my being. Here on Gods green earth and florishing in it. I always want to achieve the missions that God sends my way. He has given me wisdom and understanding to stand firm on His word not the crumbling of the world.

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What is coping

After the accident I became absent from the body. I was the epitome of how life is after a horrific accident. As a child I had behavior issues, My mind was abused, emotinally abuse, physically abused. Violence is all that I could remember as a child. Getting into random fights with strangers. As a teenager I abused alcohol, smoked cigerettes and occasionally had THC. I ran to the next town as fast as I could after one sitting of smoking God knows what. My early 20's were spent at a school where there were no illegal drugs allowed. I had no problem, stopped drinking, smoking THC, even cigarettes. As my 20's started to end at age 27 I joined the Marine corps and I completely stop drinking, smoking THC, and cigarettes. I started destroying my self early on, the abuse has always been there. All I wanted to do was serve my country with honor, I had no idea that it was about ALCOHOL. Let's address the elephant in the room, now didn't I say I put everything that could physically harm me at my own hands away, quit, recovery/recovered. The torment of the behaviors that I had to come up against were the worst. The United States Government employees had a servere alcohol issue. Many social evironments can become unruly if alcohol is involved. People become sexual assalt victims. People can't professonally function at work while having an active abuse of alchol problem. Alcohol was banned by the government right. All of a sudden it came back through bootlegging. Alcohol can make you absolutly blind, all the while you can still see. I was surrounded socially with toxic people who had no intention of letting go of alcohol, or any other illegal drugs. Mental health facilities that you may have to be admitted into. People are prescribed drugs for all of their pain, and/or mental health condition. All this and the one word I heard that exist of what I am supposed to do with all of this constantly going on in my being and social environment is cope.

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