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Kateryna Puha
Katherine Clays is a girl who spent all her life in luxury. Someday her parents send her in Japan to study at a prestigious highschool. Will she be able to survive in the wild? 0 critiques

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Chapter 4

 I tried to enter the gate of the school with my car but a man stopped me. He asked me in Japanese if I'm the new teacher. I looked at him in shock and respond

"No I'm the new student here"

He looked at me amazed and ask for my ID. I give it to him.

"You don't look like a teenager, you may pass but please don't make a fuss" he said.

I nodded. I went to find a place to park my car. The space was empty, with two other cars. That's was strange, in my previous school there wasn't enough space for parking.

I got out of the car looking around. There were a lot of students, all of them wearing the same clothes, of course the girls different from the boys. 

Everybody was looking at me. But I didn't care because I was used with attention. I quite like it.

I get my bag and start walking towards the entering doors. The first thing I got to see was a lot of cupboards. The students were changing the shoes. That was strange 

Why would you charge the shoes if the cleaning lady would come after the classes and do the cleaning.

I couldn't find the reception so I went to the first student that I saw.

"Excuse me, where is the school principal?" I ask politely in Japanese.

"Oh, right over there. Come with me I'll show you."

"How nice of you!" Yeah that was really nice of him. I didn't expect. That was a good sign.

"Are you the new teacher?", he asked me.

My face dropped. I looked at him in shock. That was sudden.

"N-no, I can't be the teacher, I'm 16 years old. I'm a new student here"

"Oh, you're 16? You don't look like one. Look the principal's office is right over there. I gotta go!"

"B-bye!", he left. I'm getting more and more nervous. Why did he suddenly leave? Did I say something wrong? I look normal, I especially put a light makeup this morning, and I've dressed nice...

What happened?!


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Chapter 3

 I heard suddenly my alarm's ringtone, I don't wanna get out of the bed now. It's to in the morning, to early after a day of travelling. 

I have no choice, I get out of the bed, stop my alarm and go take a hot shower. It feels so damn good. Everything I needed now.

I chose some formal clothes, I didn't wear a uniform in my whole life and I didn't know what to put on me. I tease my blonde curly hair and go brush my teeth. I looked in the mirror. 

There was standing a face with white skin, deep blue eyes and red lips which could be very well combined with the white teeth that I have. I have, indeed, a beautiful smile, but now for any better use. 

I was nervous to go on this school, it's something new and it's normal. But all I can think at this moment is how different it's going to be everything: the students, the teachers, the program... 

I know that I'm strong enough to protect myself and to get through this. I walked outside the house and get into my car that my dad brought for me at my 16 birthday. It was a purple Ferrari. 

I wanted to make a big impression so that I will make friends quickly and I won't receive any worse tratament.

I ride between the huge buildings and concentrate not to do any mistakes, because the rules here are very different of what I was used to. 

The school wasn't so far from my home and I was more that glad to find it so quick. 

I was getting more and more nervous.


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Chapter 2

 I make the first step out of the airport. The wind hit my face. I take a deep breath. I call for a car to take me to the house that my parents arrange for me. My house...

I will spent the next year here. Who knows who I am going to meet, what will I have to face here. 

My life was already a challenge so I won't give up just because.

I look outside from the window of my car. Tokyo is very aglomerate place and I can see a lot of people here. I'm nervous. I ask the driver something in english and I realized that he was looking confused at me. 

I murmur "Sorry" and lean back on my seat. I was to tired to force my brain to think and speak in Japanese.

Finally I get into my house. Is very close to the center of the city. It was well arrange inside. I take my bags and go upstairs, throwing myself into the bed. 

I put my alarm at 5 a.m to have enough time to prepare for school. It wasn't hard to fall asleep. This isn't the first time I'm moving somewhere else, but is the first time I feel so alone. 


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Chapter 1

 I am in an airplane on my way to Japan. After my parents divorced I was forced to go to study abroad and the best option that my parents could choose was Japan.

Although I'm glad because I got to learn the language when I was a kid I'm not very happy about this idea. 

In my life of 16 years that I've lived I learned a lot of languages. Probably because I traveled a lot and I'm used to it. 

I was born in England. My mom is from this country and my dad is from Germany. I spent five years there when my parents suddenly decided that we must go to France. 

There I found my passion: dace. Figure skating, ballet and hip-hop. 

It was nice. On the other hand  I liked that I got the opportunity to go to my grandparents in Germany every summer. They have a huge farm with horses and there I learned how to ride and to compete.

When I was ten my dad leave in Spain with his business and I went with him there to study for two years the language. There I found another hobby: singing.

Dancing and singing made a good duet so at the age of 12 I got my first principal role in a musical. 

I was already famous because my mom was a very well know fashion designer and my dad had a business with hotels. So yeah I was coming from a rich family.

So it wasn't hard to get my second role in a movie. That was a huge success so at the age of 14 I become a very know actress.

I studied hard to get good grades and become fluent in English, Spanish, Germany, Italian, Franch and Japan.

Not to long after that I released my first album, that also was a huge hit. I started to make my own life. And that was my first big mistake.

My parents started to fight and I didn't care at that time, but after two years they divorced and to make my life miserable they send me to school in Japan.

Don't get me wrong, I like Japan but I can see myself trapped in a highschool full of rules and innocent people.


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