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The Titan Attack Chapter 14

Keep your eyes peeled for the newest chapter of the Titan Attack coming out soon this week.

22 Janvier 2024 09:35 0 Rapport Incorporer 1


Another 2 chapters are coming out on "The Titan Attack" today, who knows it might be 3. So, go check it out!

15 Septembre 2023 04:43 0 Rapport Incorporer 1

Woo hoo!

Ch 6 has been published working on ch 7 now. plz give feedback and check the universe.

14 Juin 2023 06:09 0 Rapport Incorporer 1


We have released Eartha Replicia Universe and are writing the first book. You can read the first 6 chapters now. Plz give feedback.

13 Juin 2023 07:05 0 Rapport Incorporer 1
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Eartha Replicia
Eartha Replicia

The Universe is just like Earth but then the things that happened on Earth happened at different times as well as new things not experienced on Earth En savoir plus Eartha Replicia.

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