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Are we controlling technology or technology is controlling us

There is one gadget which almost everyone carries with them and that is smartphones.

The only thing which is missing in our life is trying to miss chances to go out and meet someone and the only reason we might not find it convenient to go out and meet somebody is because smartphones have made our life more convenient as well as way more ecluded at the same time.

We do so many things unconsciously in our life such as using a smartphone in front of our children which turns out to be a habit and then if someone or our children does the same thing we feel sad, hurt, angry and uncomfortable.

No one and nothing should be blamed about how smartphones and technologies are affecting us the only thing we need to realise is that nothing is good in excess. Even if something is best for you it could turn out to be worse for you if you use it the most and it could turn out to be best if you use itcorrectly.

You wake up and the first thing you see on a phone is Instagram maybe not the face of your loved ones or yourself maybe that is the time to realise that this particular habit might not help you to grow as an individual.

"It’s never the kind of world we live in that is responsible for our health, it’s the kind of lifestyle we choose for ourselves that could make us a better individual or just like a caterpillar.”


We can never control technological development but we can always control how we develop ourselves, our health and our mind by making the best use of technologies.

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