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amelia_2005 Amelia Grac3 This poem is dedicated to the wealthy people who sometimes get so immersed in their wealthy and luxurious life that they completely forget the humanity and start to treat a poor worst than an animal 0 critiques

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Poem: A Penurious Maiden Beauty And The Worshippers Of Luxur

A young, maiden girl

With deep blue eyes shining like pearls

Her ochre coloured hair with soft curls

Are caused by the cool blowing wind to get whirls

She is wandering in her garden with a gleaming smile on her face

Her sand-toned skin is glowing in the sun's rays.

She went closer to a bush of rose which enchanted her

When she is about to pick up a rose, its thorn pricks her finger

On her skin, a dark red spot arise

And a sharp sting is sent down to her spin

The sharp pain reminds her of all those memories

When the worshippers of Luxur filled her life with agonies

Her penurious parents used to serve the ruthless, affluent family

Who used to treat them cruelly

They killed them in front of the eyes of their daughter

While she cried helplessly, with a whimper

She pleaded to them for showing some mercy

But they refused to listen to her, arrogantly

She buried them in dirt

Now, her world turned into a completely barren desert

As her parents were her only family,

Living life for her was, now, nothing more than a melancholy

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