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Day of Love

Valentine’s Day has passed

Nothing happend

Not like I expected anything to happen anyway

Before break, it was Thursday and we were walking out of school

I was talking with my Bfftte and you gave me a side glance

I wish you would actually look at me though

But guess what, I have news

I guess there’s not only you anymore

The new person has many faults

But is funny and sometimes seems shyish

I want to learn new things about him

During the Valentine’s Dance he kept staring at me the whole night

My besties confirmed

I kinda wish you would stare at me again

But that bridge has passed

The “Only You Era“ has ended

It it lsaves me sad

But when I look at you, I don’t feel my heart skipping beats or going faster

I only see the person I told I liked, maybe not face-to-face but close enough

What makes it special is that I’m the one who wrote it down and told you and not someone else

That’s a huge acomplishment for me

I don’t know how I’ll ever do that again though

But I know it doesn’t hurt

You’ll always have a place in my heart, forever

Only You

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I walked past and close to you so many time today

It might be a sign

I could see you looking at me

I wish you would talk to me

It's almost Valentine's Day and the Valentine's dance is coming soon

I know you won't ask me

But I wish you would

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I'm kinda suprised on how I don't care as much that you didn't talk to me yet. But it was also expected so... yeah.

I'm starting to wonder if there is only you. My mind is full of so many thoughts and I can barely contain myself from bursting into tears.

Most of my thoughts are of you. Sometimes I wish they weren't but I love thinking about "us".

I wish there was an "us". Did you wish that last year. I wonder what would have happend if I told you I liked you last year. But I guess I'll never know.

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Field Trip

We went snowtubing on Tuesday, I thought I would die the first time that I forgot to scream like my friends and I planned.

The way there was weird to say the least. I sat on The bus with Gabi in the back and Carson sat infront of us. He asked us weird questions and gave me the cheese touch which I gave back to him. I can't believe I liked him.

But this isn't about him, it's about you. You looked cute in a jacket, even Alicia said you looked better. You were even cuter when your face was red from the cold.

I had such bad luck though. First Brodee was behined me on the carpet thing that takes you up the hill and then you were behined Brooklyn who was behined ME.

Brodee was also everywhere we went. Did I mention I liked him too, but last year. AND now he's my ex best friend that i've had since 4th grade.

You still didn't talk to me then either though. You probably never will.

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