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caswilliams Cas Williams Auspicious Comings is a personal writing blog where I write about my goals for the various stories that I am working on, the work I do, and my personal goals. I really want to use this blog to connect to my readers! Follow and like my stories- it really helps me out a lot! 0 critiques

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Episode 5: New Beginnings

Hi all!

Just popping in to say that I will be starting the first episode of my "success in e-publishing series" next week. I will post it in blog format, and the entire goal of this is to help all my readers become successful authors and help them monetize their work.

I truly hope you all enjoy this series! I am also hoping to turn it into a podcast at some point in the New Year!


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Episode 4: December

Happy December all!

I hope you are doing well, and I hope you have a prosperous month (regardless of whether you have a holiday to celebrate or not)!

Due to some recent health issues, I was really publishing some story chapters very erratically. I also started several new stories. I am loving Inkspired, and it is an amazing platform, but I wish they had a pause option for writers, when publishing is not possible!

My latest updates are that I started a new job, I have been writing erotic romance under a different pen name, and that I am considering starting a podcast.

I really want to start a podcast (it will release probably once a month, considering my schedule) where I delve into e-publishing, serialized publishing, and how to be successful as an indie author/publisher.

Right now the traditional publishing industry isn't very equitable and doubly so for queer writers and writers of color!

I am still playing around with the podcast idea, but if I do ever start it, I'll definitely drop the links here.

Also, I am super happy to see more African writers joining this platform!

Be safe everyone!

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Episode Three: Updates

This will be a really quick post.

To everyone following me, please accept my apologies for the delay in publishing more chapters of Death of a King and Spider's Edge.

I am currently dealing with some personal issues, but plan to start publishing again at the end of November.

Both stories will be ongoing and I will be building entire universes around them, so I cannot wait to sink my teeth into those.

Thanks for your patience!

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Episode Two: Updates

So, it has been a while since I have posted on this blog and I'm really sorry about that. My life has just been insane.

Anyway, my three stories have all been verified, which I am super excited about! While I love working on Death of a King (and it will always be my main baby), I am excited to be working on Spider's Edge.

I'll be building an entire universe around the Spider's Edge world, and I have started doing just that in my New London, Narrative Universe which I have also recently published!

I will be dedicating a lot more time to writing both Spider's Edge and finishing Death of a King (so that I can start publishing the sequel- Sacrifice of a King) this week.

I might make announcements each time I drop a new chapter/episode!

As always, thanks for your support:)

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