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Looking into an Inkspired Plotline.

From What I understand Fantasy is already where I am comfortable with, I figure I will start posting some "Microfictions" to build ideas and concepts by the title of microfiction. I believe I will assign the body for information in regards to the topic or thing I discuss there. I don't actually write microfictions, however I believe it can be a very useful tool to help people understand the world's I build easier. this makes me think I could reach another audience range I didn't realize was plausible. cool beans.

anyways, as I Explore inkspired I know this platform is truly meant for all of us who read or write. I'm seeing a nice bridge between here and I like that as a feature.

as I work on a plot that is dedicated for each platform I want you all to know I have not forgotten any of my audiences in the process of this. each will be cross linked to promote eachother as I want to have a reach to all audiences rather than limiting myself to only officially known platforms, Such as Ingram Spark or Anazon. you can Google my name and find me everywhere online.

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I love the link.