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Learning about my Options.

I have come to see that there are many options to get my own work noticed so now I am testing a theory out where I am going to dedicate one idea to each online place, updating as freq huently as possible whii knle upholding my contracts. I want to also start releasing free content occasionally that stays that way. I do believe there are readers out there who still need a quality read for their time as well, as often I am bored and never searched for this as an option. I expand my horizons consistently. I now realize some methods I did are tried and true, however I want to reach many more people.

I will be posting links in blogs or on my profile to be able to fine more of my content with ease. since my novel, The Draconus Wars, the first installment for the Anthology Series An Abrupt Incitement. I have been very eager to see my works hit these stages and start writing many more and it feels like it is way easier now to finish a project or have an exact idea of how I want to tackle a few varying projects. An Abrupt Incitement is my Magnum Opus and I know it's going to take a fair time to be able to entirely finish each books along with the series. However, I don't want to target just that fan base. I don't want a stigma that I am only able to write one genre, which is what I see happen with a majority of authors.

I know there are going to be other people who have similar aspirations, but I really want to be in the new Generation of authors. I have ideas that I feel will work well in Fantasy, Horror, Thrillers Physchological thrillers and more. however, I don't want to just stick with what I know all the time. That's where I have this final idea for these less ideal stories, I still will have them out, but I believe I am going to leave those as either cheaper free online or ebook content.

That's the idea anyway, let's see what happens as my online footprint expands.

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