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jaswinder-chahal Jaswinder Chahal Life is a wabi-sabi and the words said in these imperfections are said to be The perfection of life. The carve the truth of life, they aspire to inspire . Those words which are carved out by heart who is going through a lot is known to be the truth of life and leave impressions...✍🏻 0 critiques
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Pleasure and pain...

What kind of thinking does humans exhibits.

Its the norm of nature .

What you sow you

shall reap.

Whatever you say you will hear back .

If you give pain to someone how you expect to get back pleasure from life.

Thats why pain is increasing and its also written in scriptures so if you want to reap

happiness than spread joy . but if you spread pain

and agony may the other person wouldn't say

anything but their soul's

cry will perish your

whole life...✍️

jaswinder chahal


12 Octobre 2022 13:30:36 1 Rapport Incorporer 1


The one who preach a lot in debates and discussion about money .

That one never should be obsessed with money .

However the truth is that without money they cannot run their own house and how they expect a lay man to run his house without money...✍️

jaswinder chahal


11 Octobre 2022 10:35:37 1 Rapport Incorporer 1

Norms of nature...

Someone do other person wrong and do not

receive the








jaswinder chahal


9 Octobre 2022 10:27:19 1 Rapport Incorporer 1


There are many hopes

from many persons

but when these

hopes are


than the

scam of

our own

loved one

is acknowledged...✍️

jaswinder chahal


9 Octobre 2022 10:23:59 0 Rapport Incorporer 1
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