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Self-publishing Tips and Need-to-Knows

Self-publishing is as the name states, is done by a person who publishes a book by themselves. Whether it be through an aggregator or a self-publishing site like IngramSpark or Draft2Digital. They are able to publish your book easily and for free but your book will be subjected to their terms of service.

To self-publish successfully is to produce content on a regular and recurring basis. Several times a year at least. Publishing one book will limit your reach and potential buyers. Ultimately, as a self-publisher your goal is to reach as much readers as possible that way you can maximize your earnings and fanbase.

Successful monetization of your content is key. However, because of the amount of books self-published each year, you're competing in an over saturated and readily-accessible market. Especially, depending on you're chosen genre and the trends at the time. Just because you're publishing a book in particular doesn't necessarily mean you'll make money. After all, self-publishing a book is releasing it to the public like any other product released by a company for consumer consumption. A demand for it is a must.


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