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Self-publishing vs. Traditional and ISBNs

Self-publishing is normally quite easy, if you know what you're doing, you write the book, edit the book, then publish the book. There's tonnes of videos on YouTube on how to best publish your book for free.

An aggregator is a website/business that'll publish your book for free. Normally, done with your free ISBN which then means your book is subjected to that website's terms and service.

Self-publishing is normally the way to go because it's quick, efficient and provides creative control.

ISBN's are your book's identifying serial set of numbers. It distinguishes your book from the next and can readily be searched by libraries, institutions or a potential paying customer. The importance of this is significant because whenever you get a free ISBN your book will automatically class your aggregator as your seller even if you are the publisher.

Self-publishing is very fun and can be quite lucrative if you know what you're doing. You'll earn more royalties with self-publishing sooner than traditional publishing. However, the downside to self-publishing is that you'll be doing everything. And this is what this course will teach you. How to effectively self-publish and get more eyes on your content.

Traditional Publishing, on the other hand, is different but similar in the sense that you still publish your book at the end of it. With traditional publishing you get a book deal (if it's good enough) after having your agent submit it to a publishing house.

If successful, they'll offer a deal and you sign the contract and in this you'll sign away your rights and creative control. If you want to keep your rights and control than traditional publishing isn't for you. The payment will help you with scouting editors, cover designers, interior formatters and marketing. Which doesn't sound too different to self-publishing the difference the book deal and what the publishing houses offer like additional contacts.


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