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Readers, Authors & Wattpad - Article

We all know authors enjoy the art of writing after all creating worlds out of thin air is awesome. Plus, writing expresses ideas, opinions or creates fictional worlds from our uncontrollable imaginations. However, as we’ve come to know, writing as well as self-publishing, has become possible for anyone in the world or of any financial or social status.

However, with such easily accessible content now readily available online at the click of the button, the cyber-world has come to understand that poorly written content can also be willingly available at the click of that same button which does cause many buyers to question the quality of a book or product before they make a purchase, which is understandable.

This tends to happen a lot specifically with self-published authors since the authors themselves are paying for the publishing and distribution of their works and anything else in their day to day lives and as such won’t be able to afford hiring a professional editor or cover design which is why writing sites such as Wattpad and Inkspired exist. Make it easy for writers to publish their works but without meeting the criteria of publishing.

However, after reading the content on these platforms you’ll notice, especially on Wattpad that they follow a particular trend or trope as you will, which racks up the most reads easily. As such it can cause most mature readers to dislike or even turn their lips up in disgust at such tropes and as such will not bother reading their books because it’s been associated with the terms ‘self-publishing’ and ‘Wattpad’.

Wattpad is a website normally targeting the younger writers who are wanting to create their own worlds or express an idea but often fall victim to such tropes. These can also transfer over to self-publishing for those who are new to publishing which will help writers earn an income but would hinder their status as ‘author’. Meaning that now those who recognise a book is self-published will automatically assume it’s poorly written, plotted and so forth which has now been considered by a few Wattpad Books.

For those who have read Chasing Red is self-explanatory or seen other Wattpad books such as the Kissing Booth on the big screen but find it difficult to read especially when you take a closer look at the writing, character development, plot, themes and so forth, you’ll notice that they do tend to follow the popular trend on Wattpad which has given them the ability to publish outside of Wattpad. Meaning that fresh concepts or twists to certain themes are poorly executed. In saying that, there are a few books on Wattpad that are very good such as Ren Tachibana’s Bereft series. I’m not sure I have found one on Inkspired yet, but I’ll keep looking.

In other words, being popular on Wattpad has practically given newbie writers the ability to publish, especially when at times the reads are often asked or demanded for by the authors on the books of other authors or accounts, which is not just rude but disrespectful explaining why I don’t think I like Wattpad anymore. Don’t let this post discourage you if you want to read a Wattpad book or not it is entirely up to you.


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