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What is Business and Publishing? Why is this important? - Article

Business by definition is an organisation or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Businesses can be for-profit entities or non-profit organisations. Business types range from limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, corporations, and partnerships.

Publishing by definition is the occupation or activity of preparing and issuing books, journals, and other material for sale. As such you're creating a product for consumers. Whereas in marketing, a product is an object, or system, or service made available for consumer use as of the consumer demand; it is anything that can be offered to a market to satisfy the desire or need of a customer. And identifying the need of a consumer is important.

The thing about publishing is that everyone needs to be aware that just because you publish something doesn't mean you're going to make money immediately. What do I mean by this? Publishing is something that everyone is capable of doing with a computer and connection to the internet: the types of materials that can be published varies. You can publish a book, a comic, a podcast, a blog, a piece of music, a video etc.

Some people are able to make money quickly but normally it's done when people closest to the creator contributes to their works because they know them. When it comes to a larger audience, not everyone will know you so it's important to build trust with your audience by allowing them to get to know you. In this way, you can then secure payments and with payments comes income. However, just because you secure the payments doesn't mean that your customers will return. Ensuring your content and your information that you've decided to create makes an impact that can and will generate returning and consistent revenue.
However, publishing especially ebooks has become oversaturated meaning that there is more supply rather than demand. This means that there are less likely going to be people that will purchase a book because of the numerous amount of books released each year. This is the same with videos, music, podcast etc. I'm not saying that no one will see your content but I am saying that there is so much content available that you'll be expected to compete with thousands of other creators in order to make your self well known among your audience and effectively build a community.

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