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The new feed and bookshelves

We have been tweaking, and breaking and fixing things on Inkspired the last couple of weeks, and it has paid off. With every single thing we create, we have the ability to measure its development within out community and the impact it has with our members, and until now we are very happy with the results.

We have been incorporating a lot of cool things every now and then: some are very small details, and others are big steps. The end goal is the same though, provide you, our reader and writer, the best experience in our platform and our tools (ahem... did you already checked out our mobile apps right?).

Anyways, the latest cool thing we introduced is called "Feed". It's a simple thing, but something that will be evolving very frequently in the upcoming months. You can see it on the main page, the discover page or even in your Dashboard. The Feed will help you to get to know what's going on our platform at all times:

- Latest new chapters on stories
- New stories
- Latest blog posts
- Donate button!

And it can vary depending on your language, your reading preferences, and the authors/stories you are following. Also, it helps us to promote more our authors in all the local channels, since the content is more exposed to readers across the platform, and we will be soon extending it to our mobile apps. 

The "Feed" option also brings back something was badly hidden within the design, which is the "Donate" button. We actually changed the name from "Contribute" to "Donate" as we believe it is more straightforward and a concept easier to understand at first sight. Feed serves as a good gateway to entice readers to Donate funds to their favorite authors that are developing great storylines. We are delighted to be able to say we help our Inkspired Authors monetize in some ways :) . If you still haven't activated this option for your stories, do so on the you Story Profile in your Dashboard. You can find more information about this feature on our FAQs.


Finally, as we are on a mission to help emerging writers to develop their writing career and readership, we continued working around this by extending the ability of our authors to reach new readers even further than our own borders. We want to take our authors' content to other places, to maximize their audience reach, and help them grow their readership on Inkspired. This is called Inkspired Bookshelf, a new incorporation to our Brand Program, which I still haven't presented properly in this Product Blog. Anyways, we believe Inkspired Bookshelf is a cool benefit exclusively available for Inkspired Authors, and it serves as a proof how much we care about you, as a writer, to grow your audience. We will let you know more about this benefit and how it will impact your work very soon, when we officially unveil our Brand Program in the upcoming weeks.

Until then... happy writing! :)

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iOS app version 2 finally out in the App Store

It's been a long wait. Since we launched our first ever Android app back in October, we have been working in releasing the updated version of our iOS app as well. It wasn't that easy, and we actually released an early version back at the end of January, however, finally we can announce it is out there, officially, in all it's glory.

Login screen

So what's new with the new version?

Well, there is a lot of things. Let's get started:

1) New navigation and discovery of stories

There is a new way of using the app now, with tabs. It makes everything more accesible, faster, and keeps everything in order. Also, the main screen, the discover of stories, have been improved, with more content tailored for you, recommended authors, and also the ability to filter the content by category.

2) Reading experience improved

We have added better stuff to the reading screen, while keeping it simple. It is easier now to share the content in your social networks, change the font types of the content and the background according to your reading habits.

3) Comments

Also, now you are able to post comments on each chapter, and read previous ones as well.

4) Pocket library

Perhaps one of the most useful features of this new update. Now you can see all the stories and authors you are following in one screen, see which chapters you liked, and also access your stories saved for offline reading.

Pocket Library

5) Offline reading

Talking of the "offline reading", this very popular feature has been improved, and now you can even save chapters for reading even from the website; and your choices will sync with the mobile app. Access them at any time from your Pocket Library.

6) Notifications tab

Now get all your notifications centralized in one specific tab, just like in the website, so you don't lose track of who is following you now, who liked your chapters, or whenever your favorite authors released a new chapter or a whole new story.

7) Follow blog stories

Blogs are the new story type of the platform. You can create a blog story on your dashboard. Now, reading blogs is also supported within the app, and you can follow them as well to get notifications whenever there is a new update.

Blog story profile

8) Improved user experience, with better resolution

The UI has been improved in a way that adapts better to the brand, and increases its usability. Previous bugs were fixed, and new resolution support, adapted to iPhone 7s resolution, has been added for the delight of your eyes :)

Download the free app today in the Apple App Store.

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Adding draft reviewers to your chapters - redesigned

"Add reviewers" option on the Editor Screen (Dashboard)

We keep the good stuff coming, because we care about your writing and publishing experience. We just redesigned the way you use and access your draft page.

Adding reviewers has always been among the most popular options on Inkspired. With this option, many writers tend to add friends or professional editors as reviewers of their draft chapters, to get a second opinion and inline comments from them, in every sentence and paragraph they have just written. This has been particular useful, since more than a few writers most of the time count with an external editor, so with this option they don't need to be sending Word/PDF files anymore, and then updating the text of their chapter on their story: because all can happen here. This moves us one step forward to the integral solution we have as a vision for our web Platform and reading/publishing tools we already have, and are on the making. And hundreds of people are enjoying it.

It works the same way as before, but we have removed the limitation that you can only add reviewers as long as your chapter in on "draft" status. Now, the chapter can be published, unpublished or in draft, and you can still add reviewers to it, get private comments and access to them any time. Also, we have redesigned the draft page.

Example of the draft page of this post

So, how does 'Add Reviewers' work?

It's quite easy. Whenwriting your chapter on the editor screen, on the top right corner of the screen, you will see a blue button with the text "Add reviewers".  

Afterwards, add Inkspired usernames and/or e-mails of friends on the textfield. Don't worry if your friends don't have an Inkspired account yet - you can still add their emails, and they will receive an e-mail prompting them to sign up, in order to access the draft page. And when on the the draft page, it will be possible to add comments right away by just highlighting the text. 

The draft page of your chapter looks similar to your story profile, although it is not public to anyone. It can only be seen by the persons you added as reviewers, and only them can also add private comments. Comments added on that page, will not ever be seen by anyone else than you and your reviewers; even when you publish your chapter. We keep everything private :)

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Storytelling as a Blog

As 2017 draws nearer, and the year is coming to an end, we would like to announce a new feature on our website, as it has been happening all year around. Today, we announce a new story type for creating stories, called Blog Stories.

Yes, Blogs are not a new concept at all, but for Inkspired is a new kind of offering as a part of the options that our emerging writers will now have for writing and publishing their stories serially.

Choosing a "Blog-like" story type, is similar to Serial Text Stories and Short tales, although with minor differences. 

1) First of all, like a blog, the latest releases will be shown at the top of the story profile. - For Blog stories only, chapters will now be called "posts".

2) The Story Profile will contain a pagination of 5 posts per page

3) The Story Profile will only be showing limited information in it's Story Profile Info section, at the top, to maximize the impact of the blog-like story.

4) And finally, each "post" gets its own "individual page". By clicking on the post's title, you will able to access the post's individual page, so it would be easy to share specific posts to other people, while for stories like serials and short tales, all is displayed in one single page.

The strategy behind releasing this option, that we ha already for a while limited to staff members of Inkspired, is to show our users the new direction that Inkspired is taking as a Publishing company. We want to make our author's feel that we can provide the right tool and platform to them, according to their needs; and we want to do that by allowing different forms to tell stories online. Here is a couple of blogs already getting traction in Inkspired.

Writer's blog
- The Right Write

I hope you enjoy this new story type as much as we do, we encourage you to try it, and we would also like to take the opportunity to wish you all a happy new years!



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