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nedleslie Ned Leslie Perhaps it is a dream or just the illusion of so many why? In each situation hanging around a new perspective or hidden emotion that is about to be revealed. Telling stories of trips, returns to new houses. Back to stories that don't stop... 0 critiques
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“Hopefully one of these days eclecticism will stop but for now the search continues...”

Recient picture of 6 years and a half living life pretty much as I like.

Doing things as a chance to discover something new, learning a new perspective somehow.

Honestly i don’t regret anything.

It’s not posible for me explaining life with words even though i pretend i know.

The last discoveries in my travels were finding heartbreaking emotions and feelings from which I really wanted to run away. But now I would like to put the cards on the table.

Some percent in me does not want to be responsible for my life, which I like to call my melancholic-dramatic-obsessive part which has helped me a lot to get ideas to translate into my art.

Some while ago i began focusing my attention on the depths of the concepts and the judgments, beginning to make a "why" for everything, -paralysis by analysis- I really like it as a reference.

On one hand;

my fondness for swimming in the deepest part of people. Maybe it's something I don't like so much about myself.

But after so many readings and my recent experience; there is 50% light, 50% darkness in the human being.

So maybe it's better not to go for the dark side of people and situations. And feed the part that helps you achieve everything you can set your mind to. I always felt the phrase "be positive" too simple and somewhat without logic, but over the years I realize that the simple is what flows. And if it flows perhaps it is the meaning of the true.

On the other hand;

in my travels I discovered the limitless kindness of the human heart, the feeling of being at home wherever I am. The gift of being able to act in the present, thus feeling the people and customs of each place i have been.

Feeling that whatever happens everything is correct,

of course when you experience happiness on a grand scale there is something in you that tells you it will always be like this

and as in my case you reject the "bad" days

Living in the loop of everything is fine if I'm fine.

After time I realized that things are always going to happen that make you stop, so to speak.

But it's all about how you want it to affect your life and from what perspective you want to see the wall.

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