Ferias de libros & Festival de Escritores

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Aquí está una lista de las ferias de libro y festivales de escritores más importantes. Si te registras, te recordaremos unos días antes de la fecha del evento que esté más cerca tuyo.

Amsterdam International Antiquarian Book & Map Fair

Amsterdamn, The Netherlands De October 06, 2018 para October 07, 2018 From incunabula to modern signed first editions, visitors of the 38th edition of this Antiquarian Fair can set their eyes and their hands on museum-quality books, maps, manuscripts and original artwork. 

Cheltenham Literature Festival

Cheltenham, England De October 06, 2018 para October 15, 2018 The festival has been a part of the UK cultural landscape since 1945. This particular festival is part of a conglomerate of festivals that brings 2,500 musicians, writers, scientists, performers and thinkers from all over the world to the city of Cheltenham.

Fería del Libro Monterrey

Monterrey, México De October 13, 2018 para October 21, 2018 Lugar: Cintermex

Feria Internacional del Libro de Guadalajara

Guadalajara, México De November 24, 2018 para December 02, 2018 Lugar: Centro de Exposiciones Expo Guadalajara

Fería Internacional del Libro de la Ciudad de México

Zócalo, México De October 12, 2018 para October 21, 2018 Lugar: Plaza del Zócalo

Feria Internacional del Libro de Montevideo

Montevideo, Uruguay De October 01, 2018 para October 14, 2018

Frankfurt Book Fair

Frankfurt, Germany De October 10, 2018 para October 14, 2018 The Frankfurter Buchmesse is an international trading venue for content of all kinds, going from novels to children’s books. Here expects from the global publishing world meet with members of the technology industry and other creative industries like gaming and film. At the same time, the Book Fair is a major cultural event, bringing together 275,000 visitors, journalists and bloggers from all over the world.

International Bazar

Luxembourg, Luxembourg De December 08, 2018 para December 09, 2018 Run entirely by volunteers, it is non-commercial and independent and combines the act of fundraising with a stylish multicultural event that attracts thousands of visitors into the halls of Luxexpo The Box. The International Bazar supports over 100 charities worldwide, bringing together more than 60 nationalities under one roof for a weekend. In this event, the Book Stand presents books in several languages for all ages. From second-hand books to rare editions, the Stand presents rock-bottom prices and might just be the dream place for book lovers all over the world. 

The Copenhagen Book Forum

Copenhagen, Denmark De October 26, 2018 para October 28, 2018

Vienna Book Fair

Vienna, Austria De November 07, 2018 para November 11, 2018 With around 48,500 visitors and 100,000 books on display, the Buch Wien takes place annually in November, bringing together the world of literature, entertainment, love for discussions and knowledge.

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