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Unexpected (Polish Version)

Historia No Verificada W pamięci Emmy i Kat. I dla osób które straciły nadzieje. Opowieść mówi o bardzo bogatej rodzine z Stanu Waszyngton. Rodzina Verlice. Mówiąc szczególnie, młodej Rose (protagonista). Jej tata jest włascicelem bogatej firmy. Jej mama jest akto…
50 visitas Historia completada

Unexpected, Back From The Dead

Historia No Verificada The story follows a Clara Goldman, a spy. She goes on different missions to unlock what the Russians are hiding. Her first mission was in St. Petersburg. Before briefing she goes out for lunch and meets a fellow Jasper Charlton. They become friends…
90 visitas Historia completada

The Fight, A Road Through Agony

Historia No Verificada The book continues from the third book. They constantly cant stay in one place. The military keeps on finding them. So the groups goes out to seek a base in the province of Veracuz, Mexico. They meet lots of people. Can they trust them? Read thi…
82 visitas Historia completada

Disappear, Part Two

Historia No Verificada The story picks up after the events of the first book. However something causes for our protagonist to leave Buckingam Palace and go to Scotland. They will try to make a living there with the help of a dear friend. They will encounter many challenge…
1.6mil visitas 1 Historia completada

The Fight, Bloodshed

Historia No Verificada A part two to The Fight. The story picks up right after the ending of The Fight through Adams eyes. He meets intresting people and challanges. Adam must be careful about the people who meets. They can betray him. He must know who his true frien…
1.2mil visitas 1 Historia completada

Lady of Crows

In a broken apart country of Saforia lies a creed of thieves. Shafija and her friends are part of this creed. They steal and steal. But Shafija has an advantage. She controls a crow called "Scar" she doesn't know how she got this power. Throughout t…
4.3mil visitas 1 Historia completada

Unexpected, Inside the mind of Annabelle Verlice

The story picks up after a couple months after the events of the second part. Rose is at her house when she recives a mysterious package. It helps her get more truth to what happened in the second book. As the story progresses challanges fall unde…
4.8mil visitas 3 Historia completada

The Fight

Nicholas goes to Water Mountain for deployment. There he meets Joel, Maria, Ester and his old friend. During the first couple days there the rapture happens. Nicholas and his group didn't get raptured. So they escape. Read this book to find out wha…
4.1mil visitas 3 Historia completada

Unexpected, The Aftermath

Part two to "Unexpected" by Wiktoria Hankus Rose Verlice is trying to heal from the events in "Unexpected" but something wont let her. The past still bothers her on a day to day basis while she works at Verlice Technologies as the Executive assist…
4.3mil visitas 2 Historia completada


The story talks about a very rich and well-known family from Washington State. The Verlice Family. Especially, young Rose (protagonist). Her Dad owns a wealthy company. Her Mom is an actress. She also has a sister, Annabelle. Her Family and Rose are…
4.3mil visitas 2 Historia completada

It’s Not Your Fault

Trigger warning: Suicide and Self harm This is the story of Veronica Nowak. A fourteen year old who has Asperger's syndrome. It makes life much more difficult for her. The story begins with Veronica coming back from Poland after the experiences she …
3.7mil visitas 12 3 Historia completada

Dissapear, Part One

The story takes place in London, around Victorian Era. There is a Royal Family and a Little Princess. Difficult family relation and lack of communications complicates everything. That pushes Elizabeth to make drastic decision. Escape ! Is she maki…
3.3mil visitas 2 3 Historia completada

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