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Mom, Author, Gamer, Addicted to Coffee, and Lesbian. I do support LGBTQ+! http:// Sutton , United States. Inko Capitán+ Nivel 6
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I Am Lesbian

Historia No Verificada It has taken nearly twenty years to accept myself as of who I am and now I am ready to tell this story in my very own memoir of who I am. This is my story and how I have learned to accept who I am as a person. Disclaimer: Certain names in Chapter...
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It's Kind Of A Lesbian Story

Historia No Verificada Alicia had it in her heart that she's straight, hell, her love interest Lance proved that. What she didn't expect is coming across a woman that would also be her affair between her and Lance. Secret's are best kept in your heart. Cecilia isn't f...
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Lesbian Café

Historia No Verificada A café full of women, coffee, books, and delicious food. Now that is a café worth going to. Audrey thought so that is why it is her shop called Lesbian Café for women to meet and mingle while being surrounded by books, coffee and food. Unfortunate...
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Love Outside The Castle Walls

Historia No Verificada ***Old Description will have an updated one in the future*** Finding of that one to be with her in this enormous castle so that way they can live their lives together but her parents are wanting her to marry someone she doesn't even know let alone...
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Shay's Burning Desire

Historia No Verificada Ashley Keller Beautiful, smart, and hard to grab attention. She is set to marry Stella Workman from Massachusetts by Fall of next year, they got engaged several weeks before Stella's birthday, it sent Shay Connor through the roof. Shay has known ...
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Keeping Her A Secret

Historia No Verificada Kassidy is a sweet preacher's daughter that has to keep who she is a complete secret. See in the Bible it is a bad idea to be attracted to the same-sex. When you go to an all girls school that causes issues. A new girl comes to town when her world...
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Chasing Her Heart

Historia No Verificada A new school year has started at Bayshore High. Jenna Worthington has now entered her senior year. She comes from a well to do, high class family. She is very high maintenance and has made it clear she is out to get everything she wants. And whoev...
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A Secret Love Affair

Historia No Verificada Sienna is about to start her first semester of college at Crystal River University. The small town girl who has always been known to be shy and reserved is about to experience one of the biggest changes in life. Her friends have all gone to differ...
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She's My Kind Of Country

A time and place for a new spark of romance. Amber felt lonely when she lost her wife Sarah to cancer. That all changed when she met this redheaded woman Natalie that brought everything pure light into their new found life. Amber suffers a lot of ...
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Story Of Sammy Alle

Historia No Verificada Sammy is a talented artist in her world of fanfictions such as Trolls, Winx with Valerix Club, Prehistoric Raiders and much more. Sammy is well liked among her friends. Sammy lives in a world like the rest of us that has been deemed by tragic, hea...
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Crystal and The Rose

Historia No Verificada My daughter wrote this short story when she was in third grade and I wanted to share with everyone. I hope you all enjoy it.
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