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Literature and Language has always been my "A" https://None. United States.
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Mis historias

Picture This

Picture This is a very involved interactive erotic tale that starts off with a girl in high school and can lead to several erotic scenes that will leave you wanting to picture that and everything else in this creative sexy adventure.
16.6mil visitas 1 13 Nuevo capítulo Cada 30 días

Historia interactiva


Random beauties transformed and featured starting with myself. You'll be surprised and amazed at the playful transformations celebrating each woman’s beauty. To get the app name you need to have a paid membership.
8.2mil visitas 9 Nuevo capítulo Cada 30 días

Novela Gráfica

Life Happens

Lily wants to control time so bad, but has to find out where she stands as the world's time has it's own plans and schedule.
4.5mil visitas 1 2 Historia completada

Mind's Rebellion

A cyberpunk future saved by a dynamic duo from mind control and human oppression.
14.4mil visitas 6 12 Historia completada


Collen isn't your usual vampire, nor does he follow the ancient rules and laws of the vampires before him. Enjoy his story of how he fell on love.
5.9mil visitas 4 12 Historia completada

Ever Never

A walk through of an average girl growing up in the world and in a community where she grows and realizes that all she learned was not necessarily true. Or at least one important lesson!
4.4mil visitas 3 7 Historia completada

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