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Zoe hasn't dated anyone ever. She used to be in love with her best friend's brother. After his rejection she struggled to move on from him. Now she has to go back to her home town and see him again. Will she catch feelings all over again?
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Supernatural: Liberation

Abigail Scarlett Winchester is Dean's daughter. She has lived a relatively normal life until recently. Things begin to change when she realizes she isn't fully human and there's a prophecy to be fulfilled. Will she become her worst nightmare? Can …
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Hunter Academy

Lilian Evergreen is a fresh vampire. She was recently bitten and underwent the change. Now she is sent to a special school where she will learn how to control herself and her new found powers.
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A Succubus Lies

Wendy Evans is a succubus. Shes worked hard to get where she is today. Suddenly, she meets Damien Claud. He's a player and he's set his eyes on Wendy. Will they grow to love each other or hate each other?
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When Girls Like Boys

Aria has only had one relationship. She’s Avoidant of getting involved in another relationship. However, one night she runs into her old teacher from high school. The two have sex and begin a relationship that’s forbidden and leaves her wanting more…
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Historia No Verificada Lilly Evans has everything she could ever dream of. Shes going to be the future Alpha of her pack and all she needs is a mate. Grey Sanderson is a bad boy who's had a harsh life. When the two finally meet it turns their worlds upside down.
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