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I accept criticism of my writing, so feel free to leave reviews :D I don't update often, since I have a busy schedule, and it may get worse once I get into college, but, hey, I'll try. https://. United States.
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Magic is by far the hardest thing to understand. Humans have been excluded from everything the other intelligent species do. However, there's someone messing with humans. Ebony Brown was attacked. A team of kids from various different species mus...
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The Wolf and his Mistress

*cover is a placeholder for now* Losses. Ended friendships. This oath has brought nothing but pain to this kingdom. Argenis--- better known as "the Wolf"--- was separated from his mistress. Finding himself in an impossible situation, he must seek...
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Recent events show multiple kids going... missing. When a few kids figure out the truth about what's happening, they must find out who's behind all these horrible acts. TW: Murder, violence (I'm sorry, it's horrible, but it's a murder mystery, aft...
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I'm sorry...

Heh. Just an apology note. Well, poem. Wrote this at 11:00 at night, after being completely sleep deprived for the whole day. Read at your own risk.
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