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Guarding the Heart

Historia No Verificada Calla Harper, of the Grammy winning folk band The Wildflowers, is being stalked. Her family think she is just overreacting. Calla believes differently, and she's got the creepy gifts to back it up. When she receives the most startling gift yet, she …
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Chasing Safety

Historia No Verificada Ana James is on the run. Guided by her faith, she strives to stay just one step ahead of the man who replaced promises of love with threats of fear. She wonders if she will ever feel safe now. When she meets a mysterious stranger who offers all that…
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Of Wolves and Wings

For as long as anyone can remember, vampires and werewolves have been sworn enemies. The McCords and the Hansens take this rivalry to another level entirely. Can Andi and Bentley defy the rules of not only their kind, but also their feuding famil…
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The Faerie Promise

Aurora lives in the town of Faerie Vale. The whole town has grown up hearing the legends and the rules. Legends of mischief and disappearances. Rules of what to do if you encounter one of the fair folk, one of the fae. No one believes these fables …
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#The Dangers of the Desert

Follow Winnie as she is dropped off, exiled, in the desert of Neverbrook. Accused of being a blood traitor to the crown by her sister, the true blood traitor, she must battle many adversaries in the desert to make it out alive. And if she doesn’t, t…
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Loved By You

They were born into families who couldn't be more different. Ariel was born into a poor family, one where anything goes to make the bottom dollar. Bentley was born into wealth, never having to wonder where his next meal was coming from. When sparks …
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#The Unseen Fears

Every year the beast known as The Unseen lures children into his first home and they are never seen again. When their parents go into the forest after them, they become one of the lost ones too. And so, the pattern continues until the day Sadie’s da…
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Window of Hope

Laney is the girl that everyone wants to be. Shes popular, dating the quarterback, and in more school clubs than you could count. On the surface at least, behind the scenes is a different story. Polly is the opposite of Laney. She's the girl no on…
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You Will Be Mine

Luke is the police chief in the tiny town of Maple Falls, Missouri. A town where crime is pretty much nonexistent. Well, until Luke’s wife, Laney, disappears from their home in broad daylight with no signs of a struggle. Luke never gives up hope of…
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