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Historia No Verificada She's dead
2.3mil visitas 3 1 Historia completada

The Adventurous 3

3 girls go on a boat but... Read on to find out more within The Adventurous..
3.5mil visitas 3 7 Historia completada

Michelle Smith?

Historia No Verificada Michelle Smith is a 14 year old with mixed feelings.
2.1mil visitas 1 Nuevo capítulo Cada 2 días

The Ruined Metropolis

Historia No Verificada The Ruined Metropolis is a place but no-one lives there or even goes there. Or so most thought......
2.1mil visitas Historia completada

Down in the fields

Historia No Verificada Down In The fields is a war poem created by Abigail-Mia-Day. Its about where if the oppnement is either winning or losing yet they don't know.
2.5mil visitas 1 Historia completada

Fangs for blood

Historia No Verificada Lilith is a vampire but no-one else is. She has bullies come up to her that want to be her friend but says no. So they force her to be friends but then something bad happens! Read the story to find out more!
2.7mil visitas 15 3 Historia completada

Planets of war

Historia No Verificada A planet named Baenides was forced into battle and, whilst Rhaecus is forcing them, 2 Planets start forming together! Who will win the great battle of the two?
1.3mil visitas 5 1 Historia completada

The Magic Knife

Zoe finds a knife but it's not as it seems. Will Zoe find out where it came from read on to find out?!
4.5mil visitas 4 8 Nuevo capítulo Todos los domingos

The Door

She falls out of a seat and someone or some creature is chasing her. Will she lose her?
#11 en Horror 5.1mil visitas 19 19 Historia completada


It's a poem about bees
11.1mil visitas 1 3 Historia completada

The 2 Warriors

Two people have a battle find out and see who wins out of them. Or will they both die?
#12 en Crime 4.3mil visitas 5 6 Historia completada

The Unicorns Invention

Historia No Verificada Craft
1.1mil visitas Historia completada


Death and Birth and POVs
12.2mil visitas 4 6 Historia completada

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