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Recalling his troubled life, Ronald offers him an idea of realizing his dream, in the midst of a deal that puts his shinigami career at risk, Grell is tempted to realize his dream or risk the life of shinigami he obtained. . For every question, there is an answer, and Shinigami's answer was "yes". "You'll believe god a red woman ..."

LGBT+ Sólo para mayores de 18.

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He was desperately searching for a safe place to stay, finding a corridor that led to several guest rooms, and the blond-haired, blue-eyed young man did not hesitate to enter and hide in his wardrobe. Even locked, the young man heard inside the object, the screams of his mother, while his father beat her. At the age of 20, the boy cried, trying his best not to let his voice come out of his lips, until suddenly everything was silent.

The boy took a deep breath and tried his best to control himself, on the stairs a man with a knife in his hand, soiled with blood and drunk, wandered the halls of the huge mansion. Stepping out of the closet and hearing the footsteps of his once-polished shoes, now bloodstained, desperate, the boy approaches the window and watches the floor, under the balcony was a carriage parked amid fear and hearing the footsteps each. Higher and louder, the boy threw himself off the balcony with a thud.

In shock, Ronald wakes up jumping over the bed scared, remembering his suicide, sitting on the bed and scratching his eyes, the blond-haired boy looking for the bottle-bottomed glasses, with the object over his eyes, could see more clearly the objects around. Looking at the clock on the headboard and noting that it was early, fearing the nightmares, Ronald gets up and goes to the bathroom starting his routine. Already ready and sitting on the bed with a cup of coffee in his hand, Ronald wondered how long he had not dreamed of his suicide, watching the time, the blonde turns his thoughts and goes to the Dispatch Department.

Arriving at the scene, he was not surprised to see the red-haired woman flirting with her superior and being rejected once again, smiling, the blonde approached his superiors greeting him being ignored by a William with his usual humor of always ordering them. to work.

In the midst of all the stationery spending hours and hours reporting, finally lunchtime arrives, making all the shinigami in that huge, almost all-white cubicle retreat and search for food.

Leaving the Department and in the middle of the street, Ronald meets Grell again who dramatizes and talks about the fact that his dear William constantly ignores.

ㅡ Although it's cold, I love your coldness, it's so exciting! Ru Said the redhead shouting and gesturing as she walked with the blonde in the large black crowd being a red dot in the middle of this.

"Nothing new under the sun," muttered Ronald.

"Ronald, don't lessen my suffering!" Complained the redhead gesturing angry.

ㅡ No way! There! Let's eat, who knows how to calm down ... ー Said the blonde trying not to take a jerk from his superior.

After lunch, the two decided to visit the human world to get rid of the boredom and clutches of the black-haired superior, after spending all afternoon wandering the London mansions and halls, Ronald tried his best to distract the red shinigami. so she wouldn't go back to the Phantomhive mansion.

Tired of wandering around the big city, both shinigami sit at the top of the Big Bang watch, Ronald and Grell chatting and watching London citizens walk the streets, doing something, working, shopping or just walking. For a moment the boy remembers his dream that night and remembered his routine when he was still alive.

ㅡ Senpai. ー Called Knox.

ㅡ Um…

ー Do you remember your life, your routine when you were alive? Ou Questioned the blonde without looking away from below.

"Ah… I remember," said the redhead, changing her happy countenance to a sad countenance.

ㅡ What was it like? R asked Ronald looking at the woman with interest.

"Too complicated, hell to be realistic," Grell replied, clasping his hands in his lap looking down at the floor below.

Inferno Hell everyone lived before they died. But I don't know the real reason. ”Said the boy and Grell looked at the thoughtful young man.

"My father was a rich baron and very famous around here, he was a man of many riches and was very loving despite his hardness," said Grell, remembering the image of his parents.

ー When he married my mother and she got pregnant, my father was really hoping for me to be a boy, he wanted me to be a businessman like him one day, to be able to play and teach "man things" to me. ㅡ Said the redhead looking at the horizon with a melancholy look.

I was born, the way he always dreamed, but I was born with a "defect," I was born in the wrong body. My mother told me that he had a big party and all the guests admired me a lot and was practically the star of that place. I grew up being surrounded by everything a man could have, money, toys, and in the not so distant future… I was surrounded by women, women I never wanted or loved.

Since I was very young, I remember

me that when my father was not at home or traveling, hiding from my mother, I would take some of his old and not very wearable dresses, dress me, wear his make-ups and make me, I remember I never liked my name and I hated it when my father made me do my "men's duties." That was torture for me.

From a very young age I started to hide and pretend to be a person I never was, unable to express emotions said as feminine to a man, because if I revealed, I would catch him, either with his heavy and big hand, or belt.

When I was 18, my father insisted that I take a business trip with him, but I often refused. The day came that he traveled and I was alone again with my mother, in the middle of the afternoon she went to knit while I stole her dresses and had fun. Until by surprise, my parents came into my room and caught me in the dress.

ー So that's what you stay at home for? To dress as a woman ?! ”Questioned the man rudely, slowly approaching his son.

“Dad, this is a misunderstanding, I swear!” Shouted Grell, clasping both hands in tears.

"What a disgust!" Whispered the boy with the same red hair as the boy approaching the girl quickly.

“Freak!” Shouted the man beating his son's face with the hand that wore a ruby ​​family ring.

After the punch came several, until I found myself bleeding, I was exhausted from that life, having to pretend, having to keep quiet the pests thrown at me, the torture they caused me. I might be considered weak for having that attitude, but one way or another, I would still be seen as a man in the eyes of everyone. I wanted rest, I wanted peace of mind, I wanted to be able to be myself, to wear my dresses, to wear make-up, to be called feminine and not to be seen as a freak anymore.

After being locked in my room, spending several days there, hungry, thirsty and with no one to talk to me. My hurt mother opened the door and said:

“If you don't behave like a man, we'll take you to the asylum.” The sweet mother who had died there had only one woman who was disgusted and ashamed of me.

I just heeded her order, but it wasn't going to last long, after all, I knew I couldn't stand faking it. When dawn began, my thoughts were none other than suicide, I just went to the kitchen, took the knife and stabbed myself several times, the blood became my favorite color, because it was looking at the blood I felt peace. , who can finally see my freedom, however false it would be, I loved and still love this color.

ㅡ So you killed yourself… ー said Ronald being interrupted by Grell.

"By" not being "woman," replied the redhead, letting a thin tear roll down her pale face. Ronald saw it with such pity and sadness, he felt empathy for his boss.

ㅡ I sometimes .. catch myself dreaming, you know ... Gr Said Grell wiping the tears and making brief sniffs.

"Having a female body, with breasts," said the redhead with a brief laugh still with teary eyes, Ronald looked at the woman in order to find any solution, however small. Anything or person who could accomplish what his senpai so desired. Suddenly one person came to mind: Undertaker.

ㅡ Senpai! I had an idea! ”Exclaimed the blonde who once looked at the thoughtful redhead, drawing her attention.

ㅡ Undertaker! He messes with dead people, he knows how to do surgery. Can he realize his dream ?! R Ronald said smiling at the idea.

ㅡ What do you mean? ー asked the woman, frowning, trying to figure out where her subordinate was going.

Comigo Think to me, didn't he resurrect that brat brother who has a demon? If he can resurrect him, he can have surgery on you and make your dream come true! ”Said Ronald excitedly making the woman think of the blonde's plan.

"I don't know, he's been breaking a lot of rules… and well, I don't know if Othelo would approve of it," Grell said fearfully.

"Senpai, you broke a lot of rules too, remember?" Said the blonde putting both hands on his hips. "Isn't that your dream?" It costs nothing to try, ”said the youngest, gesturing.

ー True, I will do this. But don't tell anyone anything! ”The older, thoughtful older woman said, gestured to the blonde, who just made a zipper gesture over his mouth.

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