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Lover's Day has come around again and Sig requests a fun and romantic date from his friend and lover to mark the occasion. Yuseong, while reluctant at first, soon remembers that stepping out from his comfort zone can be exciting, if done with someone you care about.

Romance Paranormal No para niños menores de 13.

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The Date

Today was the day.

Sig leapt out of bed, adeptly evading the sheets that threatened to tangle around his ankles and drag him down. Not today. He practically floated to the floor length mirror and twirled, choosing a casual look for the day. He didn’t know what was on the cards yet, but knowing how Yuseong was, they were bound to get dirty at some point. As the clothes materialized on his form, he ran his hands through his mohawk and gave his reflection a wild grin. Today was going to be perfect.

Taking a glance back at the bed and the pile of bodies that still rested there, Sig’s grin became sly and he snuck from the room. By the time Yuseong woke, there’d be a magnificent breakfast waiting for him.

Yuseong became aware of the smell first, the mouth-watering scent of bacon wafting through the open door of the bedroom and wrapping him in its caress. He half-fell out of the bed, the floor shaking under his immense weight and signifying to everyone in the temple that he was up. He stumbled to the bathroom and stuck his head under the tap, the cold-water sending shivers down his spine as his body protested the forceful awakening. Gripping the edge of the basin, he yawned at his reflection in the vanity mirror, his fiery hair red and spluttering weakly. Oh no, this wouldn’t do at all.

Ten minutes later Yuseong strode from the bedroom in all his glory, his horn polished and sparkling and hair burning blue. He wore nothing but a loose pair of drawstring pants that sat low on his hips, and as he padded down the hall to the kitchen, he could hear Sig dancing to some up-beat pop music as he cooked. Yuseong paused in the doorway, leaning casually against its frame as he watched his friend sway and writhe as he flipped pancakes on the stovetop.

“Good morning.” Yuseong purred.

“Morning!” Sig shimmied his way over to Yuseong and tilted his face up, asking for a kiss. The horned God acquiesced readily, pulling Sig tight against his body as he did so. By the time Yuseong released him once more, Sig was more than a little weak in the knees.

“Wow.” He said softly, and Yuseong chuckled.

“What are we going to do today?” Yuseong asked. Sig could feel his eyes on his back as he moved back to tend to the food on the stove. “Personally, I have a few things in mind, and they all involve less clothes than you’re currently wearing.”

“Nuh-uh.” Sig protested, turning back long enough to waggle the spatula at Yuseong. “Don’t even try it. You promised. We’re going to have a proper date today.”

He picked up the jar on the counter next to him that he had been adding pieces of paper to all year. He called it the ‘Date Jar’, and had dedicatedly filled it with perfect date ideas.

“Pick one!” He said, holding it out to Yuseong.

The horned God’s movements were lazy as he pushed off the doorframe and meandered further into the room. He took the jar from Sig, rummaged in it for a moment and then drew out a slip of paper. Sig bit his lip and turned back to the stove as Yuseong read it, waiting for his reaction.

Yuseong’s eyes scanned the paper, reading the elegant scrawl that filled it with ease. “This is your idea of a perfect date?” He looked up at his friend again, eyeing the lines of Sig’s back and resisting the urge to cross the room and run his tongue down it.

Sig’s shoulder’s fell, and he hunched in on himself, refusing to turn around. “Yeah.”

Yuseong sighed and read the paper again. “Oh, all right. Let’s give it a go.”

Sig turned to him then, straightening up as his eyes began to glow. “You mean it?”

“Yeah. It could be fun.”

“So which one did you pull out?” Sig craned his neck, trying to read the paper, but before he could, Yuseong used his flame to turn it to ash.

“You’ll find out.”

Sig grinned. “Okay! Food first though.” He grabbed Yuseong’s hand and dragged him to the table.

They’d gotten a bit distracted at breakfast, but an hour later they were out among the mortals, strolling hand in hand through the morning flea market. This hadn’t been written on the piece of paper, Sig knew, but on Lover’s Day, the market was the one place that you definitely wanted to be. God, Gis, mortal or other, everyone gathered on the streets to witness the decorations that had coated the city overnight. This whole festival was Sig’s creation, and even after 750-odd years of it, he hadn’t grown bored. One day a year to celebrate the people you loved without regrets or reservation. It was glorious. There was no way anyone could be gloomy on such a wonderful day.

Next to him, Yuseong scooped up a brilliant red bloom from a nearby stall and tucked it behind Sig’s ear, his fingers lingering on his neck. Their eyes met, and Yuseong tilted his head, asking if Sig was ready to move on. He was.

They strolled through the market for a couple of hours, sampling all the different foods and perfumes, trying on hats and jewelry of increasing size and gaudiness, and just enjoying themselves. They stopped at a little craft stall with paint-your-own ceramics and sat down long enough to decorate a trumpeting elephant figure together. By the end of it, they both had more than a few spots of paint on their clothes and skin, but the grins on their faces were wider than ever.

“Ready for the next bit?” Yuseong asked later, as they sat on the edge of the fountain in the city square.

Sig turned to look at him, his eyes bright and face still flushed from all the excitement in the market. Yuseong pressed his tongue to the inside of his teeth, wishing he could teleport them home so he could make his friend’s eyes lose that focus. But this was Sig’s day, and his friend wanted romance, so Yuseong would give him that, even if it wasn’t something he excelled at.

He pulled a couple of disposable cameras out from behind his back, and Sig’s whole face lit up. This was what had been on the piece of paper. A day of photography, where they would run through the city and take silly pictures of each other at different locations, doing different things. Yuseong definitely wasn’t camera shy, so he thought he would probably enjoy it. He tossed one to Sig, and pulled his friend to his feet, snapping his very first picture as he yanked Sig against him and kissed him deeply.

“Let’s have some fun.” He said, and ran off before Sig could catch his breath.

Sig laughed as the horned God disappeared, watching as he slipped into the crowd and teleported away. His grin took on a feral edge, and he prepared to hunt. There was nowhere that Yuseong could run that Sig could not find him, not with the heightened hyena senses that ran through his being.

He found Yuseong on the bank of the Northern river, and as soon as he materialized, the horned God promptly pushed him in and took a photo while Sig spluttered. Then Yuseong laughed and disappeared again. So, it was going to be like that, was it? Sig snorted. Not bothering to dry off at all, he teleported again and shook as hard as he could, drenching Yuseong with the spray before the horned God could escape. He took a photo of the disgusted look on the God’s face, his flaming hair all but extinguished. Sig’s laughter wrapped around Yuseong as he teleported into an art gallery in the city centre. The game was on.

They continued that way for hours in an outrageous game of tag, teleporting to all sorts of strange and precarious locations, setting traps for each other and trying to get the best photos – they went through dozens of disposable cameras. Each time one filled up they’d send it back to the temple and obtain another. Sometimes the traps would be simple surprise kisses that lead to selfies, other times they’d involve random props and pulled faces, drenched feathers or singed hair. But with every photo the enjoyment spread, until Sig couldn’t remember every having so much fun in a single day.

They filled their final cameras just as the sun began to set behind the horizon, and then the next time Yuseong teleported, he waited and grabbed his friend’s hand and pulled him into a hug before Sig could do anything mischievous. They sat on a nearby wall and watched the sunset together, and when there was nothing but twilight, he took them to their final destination.

The planetarium was located on a hill to the North of the city, across the river. The two sat on a picnic blanket Yuseong summoned, and fed each other under the stars and galaxies that were projected onto the roof above them. They didn’t speak as they ate, content to simply enjoy each other’s company. When the food was finished, Sig manoeuvred until he was seated between his legs, and Yuseong wrapped his arms around his friend, pulling him back against his chest and resting his chin on Sig’s head. They sat like that for a long time, just watching the stars.

He had to admit it, he’d had a really good day even without any bedroom antics. He hadn’t expected it to turn out that way, but was pleased that it had, and even more so that his friend had enjoyed himself so much.

“I love you, Sig.” he said, simply.

“I love you too, Yuseong.” Sig replied.

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