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When Elizabeth Edwards goes missing by the most popular murder the Maze twins it is up to Mrs.Smith her English teacher to find her when the police are ready to give up because the maze twins have never been caught before. Will Mrs.Smith save Elizabeth before she is either sold and never to be seen again or be killed

Drama Sólo para mayores de 18.

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Elizabeth Edwards

Elizabeth quickly packed her bags she wanted to get out of that horrible home as quickly as she could. Elizabeth have had enough of living there trying to become part of the family, she tried so hard just to get this stupid family to actually like her.

She tied her long brown hair in a bun and then zipped up her hoodie. And with her bag in her hand she quickly lefted out the door before making sure everyone was asleep.

She didn't exactly know where she was planning on going all she knew was that she couldn't be in that house for a minute longer. She popped her headphones in and walked to the nearest bus stop. As she was waiting she noticed a old brown rusted looking car pull up to in front of the bus stop, then the driver rolled down the window and she saw a man in the driver seat, he looked to be about around the ages of 24 to 30 he looked young but at the same time old into which she was confused about how that was possible.

He opened his mouth to speak " Do you need a ride miss" he spoke gently

" No I'm good I'm just waiting for a friend" into which she responded getting ready to put her earphone back in he spoke again

" Are you sure it looks like it's going to rain and you don't wanna catch a cold from just wearing a hoodie" he replied

She thought about it for a few minutes and then decide to just catch a ride with the man because she probably didn't even have enough for her bus fare anyways plus he was right it was going to rain and all she had on was a thin hoodie

" Umm.... Sure but can you just drop me off down a few blocks. I will be good from there" Elizabeth had an uneasy feeling about going in the stranger car but decided to go against that feeling in hop in to the car anyways

"Do you want me to get in the front seat or the back seat" she asked the stranger quietly

He looked at the back seat then at me and then said " the front seat would be best to sit in, plus I've got a lot of stuff in the back seat

As she quickly got in the car because the rain started to come down much hard. She shiver as soon as she got in the seat. She thanked him for taking her down a few blocks when she looked at him again he looked as though he was nodding like telling someone to go ahead.

She had that uneasy feeling again in the pit of her stomach but choose to ingore it again.

When they got to the drop off point she thanked him again and went to go open the door but suddenly a cloth covered her mouth and nose and she felt her self starting to pass out in the front seat. She haseily looked at the guy in the front seat

And to which he said"good night" before every thing went black


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mia smith just a girl who loves to escape from reality by writing

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