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"The Ghastly Grotto" takes place in a secluded coastal town nestled between imposing cliffs and a restless sea. The town's centerpiece is a foreboding grotto, carved into the cliffs by centuries of relentless waves. The grotto, once a sacred site for ancient rituals, now harbors a sinister secret. As night falls, eerie whispers echo through its damp corridors, and shadowy figures lurk in the darkness. Locals speak in hushed tones of mysterious disappearances and strange occurrences, warning outsiders to steer clear of the cursed cavern. But when a group of unsuspecting travelers stumbles upon the town, they soon realize that something malevolent dwells within the depths of the Ghastly Grotto, and they must fight to survive the nightmarish horrors that await them.

Horror Literatura de monstruos Todo público.

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[Scene 1: Arrival at Dusk]


The sky is painted in hues of orange and purple as the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows over the quaint coastal town. The sound of crashing waves fills the air, mingling with the distant cry of seagulls. A battered pickup truck rattles down the narrow cobblestone streets, kicking up dust in its wake.


JESSICA, a spirited young woman in her mid-20s, grips the steering wheel with determination. Beside her sits MARK, her adventurous but slightly skeptical boyfriend.


(leans forward, peering out the windshield)

Are you sure this is the right place, Jess? It looks like something out of a ghost story.


(nods confidently)

Positive. The email from Uncle Henry said he'd be waiting for us at the inn just up ahead.



I hope he's got a warm bed and a stiff drink waiting. I don't fancy spending the night in this eerie town.

The truck rounds a corner and comes to a halt in front of the quaint seaside inn, its weathered sign creaking in the salty breeze.


Jessica and Mark step out of the truck, stretching their limbs after the long journey. The inn, a charming yet slightly dilapidated building, exudes an air of faded grandeur. A flickering lantern illuminates the entrance, casting ominous shadows on the weather-beaten walls.



Well, here we are. Let's go meet Uncle Henry and see what this place has to offer.

They exchange a wary glance before stepping through the inn's creaky wooden door, the promise of adventure mingling with a creeping sense of unease.

[End of Scene 1]

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